22 January 2010 (Friday) - On the Beer

Last November I started preparing something for the astro club. I’ve agreed to talk about the planet Saturn in March, and so I started getting my talk ready. I rediscovered the thing today. It’s nowhere as near to ready as I thought it was. Less time in NeverWinter, and more time getting on with PowerPoint might be a plan.

Similarly the people in Wadhurst have politely intimated they’d like me to talk for about double the length of time I was intending to witter on for. I’ll beef up my “Ice Giants” presentation as much as I can, and if the worst happens, I’ll just shout “Uranus!!” a few times. I know it’s immature, but I do find the name of that planet to be oh-so funny.

An early start at work meant I had an early start today. Having lain awake for over an hour, I started on the ironing at 5am. But an early start means an early finish, and then (for no adequately explained reason) I set off to the pub for a celebration. You can’t beat a good booze up with old mates…

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  1. I never need an excuse for a booze up with mates. I hope everything went well for him.