29 January 2010 (Friday) - A Busy Day

Even though I had a day off work, I was up and watching BattleStar Galactica at 6am. I do like my Xmas pressie of the entire show on DVD!!. And then to YoVille, where I found the Yo-factory and got myself a job. Something to do in YoVille as well as kissing Lisa’s mother. If I earn enough money in the Yo-factory, I can buy all sorts of tat.

Yesterday I filled some bags of rubbish. I set off early this morning to lose them at the tip. Getting there early meant I got to miss the normal people, which is a good thing. I get so wound up by the idiots at the tip.

And then I collected Matt and we did the Tesco thing. Shopping doesn’t buy itself. I had been given a list, which was probably for the best. However, far be it from me to disrespect my beloved, but my instructions could have been a tad more detailed. Take for example list item #8: Parsnips. Fresh? Frozen? Tinned? How many? It was a good job I had an assistant who is used to doing shopping as I soon found myself out of my depth. Did you know that if you buy parsnips that the supermarket has already bagged for you, they are 40p per pound more expensive? I didn’t. Or take list item #10: Frozen peas. I always thought peas is peas. But no – there were more sorts of frozen peas than I have sense. Pausing only briefly to get some port and lay an egg about the total price, I couldn’t get out of the shop quickly enough.

Home to do some preparations for tomorrow, and then another tip run. But I’d left the second tip run too late. I wouldn’t say the place was swarming with retards, but there were enough normal people there to make me see red. The tip is an easy enough concept, surely? You put your rubbish into various bags depending on what sort of rubbish it is. You drive it to the tip, and chuck it in the appropriate receptacle.

One silly twit had thrown the entire contents of his car onto the floor, and was then trying to sort it into various piles. Including one pile of stuff he wanted to save. I wouldn’t mind so much if he’d done this in the corner out of everyone’s way…

Another windfall. “My Boy TM ” offered to pay half the installation of the Sky HD. Well, he has now Sky Plus in his bedroom so I didn’t feel too guilty taking his money. I went to Bybrook Barn and bought another twenty neons. You can never have too many neons – they are probably my favourite tropical fish.

And then home, via the KFC for some scoff. A variety meal for a fiver. I saw on the receipt that 77p of that fiver went on tax. That works out at 15%, which I know is correct. But when you see the amount written down, I think it seems a bit much.

I scoffed my chicken whilst watching “Football Factory”. Whilst I loathe football, I actually enjoy films about football fans and this is one of the better ones. And then whilst my dinner settled I did the household accounts. Perhaps I’m an old miser, but every month I go through the bills and I account for every penny. I see that the direct debit for the gas bill for November still hasn’t been taken. Perhaps I might ring them up. Or perhaps I might keep quiet and spend that money on beer.

Today was the last Friday of the month – astro club. I was glad to be able to deliver the boards which have been in the back of my car since Xmas. They made an impressive display – a shame that the lady with the posters to put on them couldn’t get along tonight. But the evening went well. One of the youngsters gave a talk on relative sizes of astronomical objects, referring back to the sizes of enormous jam jars filled with blue whales. He did really well. There was a talk on current things in the astromological world, a talk on features of the winter sky; I made the club over thirty quid by hawking the raffle, and then a practical session outside where we focussed telescopes on Mars, the moon and the Pleiades.

It’s nearly three years since the astro club started, and despite a very rocky start the club is now going from strength to strength. We have a paid up membership of over sixty people, and I’ve never seen as many people along as we had tonight.

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  1. I have to say thanks to you for steering my beloved away from sweety type raffle prizes. Bless him he is doing so well and it is very difficult for him but sometimes ( just now and then ) he needs someone to say NO Stevie so big thanks to you My Manky.
    See you later ( ohh errr my nerves are kicking in now )