7 January 2010 (Thursday) - Still Snowing

Normally I suffer with insomnia. Today I slept right through till I was woken by the alarm. Not my alarm, I hasten to add. I didn’t need to be at work until after 11am. So I gently told my beloved her alarm was ringing. No response. So I gave her a gentle nudge. She rolled over and pulled the duvet over her head. So I gave her a good shake, and she bashed me. After a mini fight (I lost) I pointed out her alarm was still going. She told me that she’s deaf in the mornings and never hears it. Oh how I laughed.

I then totally forgot that I had a dental appointment this morning, and watched Xmas DVDs and fiddled around in NeverWinter. Pausing only briefly to scrape the snow off of my car, I then set off to Tesco for scran. I was going to get petrol, but the filling station was heaving. I’ve never seen it so busy. I blame the snow.

Whilst getting my sandwich we had a minor blizzard. The car got covered in snow in only five minutes. I then skidded a few times in Tesco’s car park. The car park at work was just as icy, and was rather empty. It’s amazing how people stay at home and the country grinds to a halt with less than an inch of snow.

Some time during the mid afternoon I remembered I’d forgotten a dental appointment I had booked for this morning. I phoned them and made it quite clear that I felt it was their fault that I’d missed the appointment. They cancel and change my appointment so often, I’m surprised I don’t miss more. The apologised, and I’ve re-booked for next Thursday. I wonder if I’ll forget that one too?

And so to bed feeling under the weather. I’ve got a headache and feel a bit bleagh!!! I do hope I’m not sickening for something…

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  1. An inch of snow, pah.
    The only way to get around in Coldean is on Skis.
    Luckily i happen to have a pair.
    We currently have 6 inches of snow over an inch of solid ice & probably wont get out for another few days.
    Thank gods for the Wii.