17 June 2021 (Thursday) - On The Beach

Whilst tidying the bedroom recently er indoors TM” found an old stereo and put it in place where the old telly (that we never watched) used to be. Last night at the stroke of midnight the thing started playing “Vienna” by Ultravox. What with that and recurrent nightmares about recently deceased dogs I didn’t sleep very well.


I di my fifty-second COVID test (negative), made toast and peered into the Internet. There was a row kicking off on the Facebook “Garden Ponds UK” group. Some chap was claiming to have a “well established pond which had space for any fish needing re-homing due to pond closures”. Other people claimed he had a swimming pool he’d just set up and was looking for free fish to sell at a profit on behalf of an Essex-based aquatic company. But the row soon went beyond that which had provoked it and the name-calling was quite impressive.

And there was talk of John De Lancie appearing in Star Trek again next year. People were complaining loudly since he has visibly aged since his last appearance just over twenty years ago.

Some people really will argue about anything.

And talking about arguing about anything, those who had been grumbling about the excessive heat of the last few days were complaining about the heavy rain that had fallen overnight. That’s a really “British” thing to do, isn’t it? No matter what the weather, it is always a cause for complaint.


We got the dogs (and ourselves) together and set off to Hastings to visit Dad and give him his Father’s Day card and pressie. After we’d been driving for ten minutes we turned round and came home to pick up his Father’s Day card and pressie (which we had left behind). We got as far as Rye before having to stop for the dogs to poop, and the then stopped two miles further on in Winchelsea so that they could tiddle.

Dad was well. We stayed for a cuppa, but the dogs were rather fractious so we took them on to the beach at Pett Level. Were dogs allowed there? We had no idea so took pot luck and on seeing no “No Dogs” signs we carried on. We had an excellent walk. The tide was out, there was a sea breeze, and there was fog coming in from the sea. It was nowhere near as hot as it has been recently. The dogs had great fun on the beach and in the sea.

As we headed home I rather fancied a ploughman’s lunch so we took a rather scenic route up to Warehorne where I hoped that we might be able to get a table at the Woolpack for lunch. The place was rather busy, but they had tables free. er indoors TM” had fish and chips; I had a cheese ploughman’s lunch with a couple of pints of their ale followed by a crème brule. Very tasty.


I took a few photos whilst we were out. Once home we put away the event shelter and then bathed the dogs. Having got covered in sand and salt at the beach they had then got a good coating of mud from under the table in the pub garden. 

I then dozed in front of the telly whist the forecast rain didn’t fall. We scoffed the left-overs from last night for a bit of tea – we weren’t hungry after the pub dinner. We watched Tuesday’s episode of “Bake Off; The Professionals”, and slobbed in front of the telly. I should have an early night – there is thunder forecast for three o’clock. I wonder if it will happen?

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