1 June 2021 (Tuesday) - A Dull Day

I often mention about having an early night. I actually had one last night. Ten hours working in the garden on a rather hot day had taken its toll. I slept until three o’clock then lay awake for a couple of hours before giving up and getting up.

Over brekkie I watched last week’s episode of “Alan Partridge”. For all that I whinge about the show, I do like it. In today’s episode Alan confronted a cyber-troll. His had me thinking for much of the day. I moan and grumble here, but do I troll? I hope not.


Overnight pretty much nothing at all had happened on Facebook. I had no emails of note, so I spent a couple of minutes doing the admin on the Munzee clan war thing. Over the last year I’ve been the admin for a Munzee clan (it’s a team thing) but I seem to have lost interest, the fun has gone out of it, and to keep up with the requirements I’m having to spend money on it. Someone else is taking over and I’m taking a step back this month.


I set off to work. As I walked down the road a cyclist pulled up next to me and started chatting. Having said "Hello Dave" he clearly knew me. Under the face mask and cycle helmet I had absolutely no idea who it was. I made polite conversation and pondered on who rides down my road (heavily disguised) at half past seven in the morning. If whoever it was is reading this, sorry I didn't recognise you.


I eventually found where I'd left the car, and headed off to work. As I drove the pundits on the radio were talking about our Prime Minister's surprise wedding that took place last Saturday.  As always it is "Good Old Boris" as he gets away with that which no one else ever could. People who have been divorced aren't supposed to be allowed to re-marry in Catholic churches, are they? Apparently in very specific it is possible to twist the teaching of the Catholic church so that they can. One live and learns. What amazes me though is why the monarch is legally forbidden to be Catholic, but there's nothing stopping a Prime Minister being one.

There was also some stark staring nonsense about how scientists are re-naming the various strains of the COVID-19 virus after letters of the Greek alphabet. Apparently calling strains "Indian" or "Kent" was inciting hate crimes against minorities. It was claimed that the Indian government have got the right arse about the current most virulent strain being labelled "Indian".


I got to work and had a rather busy day, but busy is good. It was just a shame it was so hot, but that's global warming for you. I had to stay an hour late this evening (that wasn't so good though). Regular readers of this drivel may recall I recently got stuck in a traffic jam on the motorway for several hours, and I needed to make up time for having rolled in late. I suppose the boss is right in saying that I must do this. Back when I was the boss this was the sort of thing to which I would turn a blind eye... and looking back the staff at the time took the piss big-time over things like that. Over the last few years I've been told by some of them that they never knew how good they had it until someone else took over from me.


I had hoped that leaving work an hour later this evening might have made for quieter roads on the way home. There was less traffic, but that which was on the motorway was seriously delayed by one lorry moving at forty miles an hour in the slow lane which was being overtaken by another lorry going at forty-one miles an hour.

I wonder if this will happen  again tomorrow – I’ve got to do an extra hour then too. 

And in closing, today is something of an anniversary. When I first started writing this rubbish it was on the Yahoo 360 platform. After two and a half years (in June 2009) Yahoo closed the entire 360 thing down and so bloggers across the world had to go elsewhere. Today marks twelve years of my rantings being hosted by Google. Thank you Google!

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