11 May 2021 (Tuesday) - Before The Night Shift

I slept through till half past seven this morning – that’s unheard of. With er indoors TM” running short of time we skipped brekkie and took the dogs down to Orlestone Woods. As we drove the pundits on the radio were talking about the latest fighting in Palestine so I turned the radio off. A few months ago the pundits on the radio interviewed representatives of both sides of the never-ending Palestinian conflict. Both of the people being interviewed kept harping back to events in 1948 (long before either were born), both openly agreed they could not let the past go and move on, and both all but admitted that decent people might as well leave the area, and anyone wanting a fight should move in as the conflict would never end.

This isn’t the future I expected.


We got to the point where we usually turn right into Branchett Lane only to find the road was closed. It was at this point that I remembered there had been signs up advertising this road closure for the last month. Whoops.

So we went to Ham Street woods instead. Getting there meant navigating Ham Street which has grown beyond recognition over the last few years, and the car park at the woods there is about a fifth of the size of the one at Orlestone. But we got there, and the dogs had a bit of a run round the woods. We only saw one other dog walker, but they were at a distance. That was probably for the best – I have serious reservations about people who have their dogs on leads deep in the woods. Why is the dog on a lead? Don’t they trust the dog not to run amok?


We came home, and over a late brekkie I got to peer into the internet. There are issues with two of my geocaches (apparently). I’ll sort those when I have a minute. I posted a little whinge about the matter on the local Facebook geocaching page, spent an hour or so doing dull CPD until I could CPD no more, then spent two hours geo-puzzling.


When er indoors TM” went shopping I took myself off to bed, and once Treacle settled so I managed to sleep for three hours, before getting up and geo-puzzling some more. With thirty correct answers my head was exploding so I gave up..

I’m hoping er indoors TM” will boil up some dinner before I set off to the night shift. The day before a night shift is usually dull and today was no exception.

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