1 May 2021 (Saturday) - Building a Memorial

I was woken just before four o’clock this morning by the sound of Sid shouting. I came downstairs to find he was very comfortable on a bed, but he wasn’t in the living room. He was where we have lino, and he didn’t like that. I took him out to the garden where he had a little tiddle, then I sat with him for a bit as I watched the first episode of last night’s new series of “Alan Partridge. I won’t say it was crap because it wasn’t. But it was just like the latest series of “Red Dwarf” or the last twenty series of “Last of the Summer Wine”. It was entertaining, but was nothing new. I felt I’d seen it all before. Steve Coogan is a talented actor – it really is time he moved on to something else. Or is it the TV producers are sticking with what has worked in the past?


I went back to bed and came down four hours later to see Sid had crapped and piddled. He’d crapped as he’d slept, and was sitting in the poop, but at least he’d got up to do the tiddle as that was on the lino. In my world that really is something of a result…

I cleared up, and being the first of the month I had a shave with a fresh razor blade (I change the blade on the first of every month), made brekkie, watched an episode of “Superstore”, then got on with the main business of the day.


Having got Fudge’s ashes back yesterday I had a plan to build a garden box to put them it. And I did. So simple to type, not so simple to do.

Having got all the ingredients for the box on Wednesday and having got the planks painted on Thursday and a second coat done yesterday, all I had to do today was saw it all to shape and screw it all together.  Easy(!)

Matters weren’t helped by my measuring one of the cuts wrong. I maintain that the “6” and the “8” on my tape measure look very similar. It was only when I had got the thing half assembled that I realised that the entire box was pissed and needed to be taken apart and done again properly. And having the drill bit snap off in one of the planks was definitely “a pain in the glass” as “Stormageddon – Bringer of Destruction TM would say. But after four hours I had the thing ready. I put the box up by the pond, and we put Fudge’s ashes, his collar and his lead inside (all safely sealed in a waterproof plastic box). We both cried a bit. then put the lid on the box, and mounted it with a rather good statue from Whelans and some washed stones. If we move house it will be fairly simple to take his remains with us.

It is silly, but now his ashes are in the memorial that I had planned for them, I feel a lot better about Fudge.


As I was in something of a “garden” mood I then moved the concrete bench from the back yard and pressure-washed the area. That made a mess. And as I had the hose run out, I topped up the pond a tad, and then spent a few minutes sitting by the pond as my back throbbed. I had planned to paint the gravel boards and screw them into place, but that wasn’t happening today. Instead I sat and played “Candy Crush Saga” on my lap-top whilst the washing machine had a go at my grungy T shirts.


er indoors TM” boiled up a rather good bit of dinner which we scoffed whist watching the first episode of “Intergalactic”. So far it seems to be the tired old story of someone falsely accused of crimes they didn’t commit, but with the novel twist that it is outer space… To be honest the twist wasn’t novel when Blake’s Seven did it forty years ago.

I shall watch another episode before dismissing it out of hand…


I hope my back improves – I’ve got plans for tomorrow…


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