7 March 2013 (Thursday) - Laundry

Up with the lark, and once the washing up was done I got Furry Face into the car and we set off. With the car being serviced and MOTed on the other side of town I had a plan to drive over there, drop the car off and we could walk home. I would be walking him anyway, so this plan killed two birds with one stone. And an added bonus was that a new geocache had gone live not two minutes’ walk from the garage. Nice!

With that cache found we hurried home. Or as fast as we could hurry an hour’s walk. Washing machine repair man was due to call today. Yesterday they told me that he would call between 8am and 6pm; which was helpful. I’d tried to get the fruits of my loin to be about whilst I was out sorting the car service, and most recent fruit had volunteered, despite it causing her some serious inconvenience. So it really came as no surprise that I then got a text message from washing machine repair man to say he would call between 4pm and 6pm. Why couldn’t he have said that yesterday?

Once I was home "Daddies Little Angel TM" set off to big girls skool, leaving Sid with us. And finding I had most of the day free I was at something of a loose end. I couldn’t do the laundry because I had no washing machine. I couldn’t do the work I planned in the garden as it was raining. I painted the insides of a dozen or so cheap sandwich boxes in preparation for when it stops raining and when I can lay my next geocache series. I had the leftovers of last night’s tea for lunch (very tasty!) and sat down in front of the telly with the dogs.

My mobile rang – the car was ready for collection. Did I want them to come and give me a lift? I turned down their offer, and despite the rain I walked both dogs over to collect the car. Two hundred and fifty quid, and an advisory for two new tyres soon. Ouch! Still, what is money for if not to squander foolishly? I popped both dogs in the back of the car and we were home by 2.30pm. In plenty of time for the washing machine repair man. Or so I thought – he arrived five minutes after we got home. So much for 4pm – 6pm (!)
Still, mustn’t grumble. He had the thing sorted in a few minutes, and sold me some amazing jollop which de-scales, de-gunges and disinfects the machine. The washing machine company recommend I use this stuff monthly. I got the distinct impression that if I didn’t go with their recommendation then they might not be quite so inclined to send the man out in future, so I bought two years’ worth to keep them sweet.
Once the man had gone I gave bunged some of this cleaner in the machine and switched it on. The chap said once I’d done the cleaning cycle I should muck out the trap because this jollop loosens all sorts of crud which then gets bunged up in the trap. After the wash cycle had finished the trap seemed incredibly clean, but there wasn’t any crud to be seen. I wonder if that stuff did any good?
I then spent the evening trying to shift two weeks’ worth of grubby laundry...

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