15 March 2013 (Friday) - Cards

Yesterday I mentioned that Furry Face had got himself wedged into a bramble bush. Last night whilst stroking him he yelped and jumped up for no apparent reason. This morning we pulled a thorn out of his neck. I say "thorn" - "dagger" would be a more appropriate description of what was embedded in his skin.
Still, he has only himself to blame. If he will chase pheasants...

"Daddies Little Angel TM" arrived with Sid and once both dogs were fed we took them on a quick trip round the block. Through Stanhope to the environment centre and home via Singleton and Viccie Park. It took us a couple of hours, and the dogs seemed to like it. I braved Fudge off of the lead, and this time (unlike yesterday) he was as good as gold. Mind you it was still rather damp underfoot and once home both dogs got a shower.
As the dogs slept off their exertions me and "Daddies Little Angel TM" went to Tesco for various requisites. She then set off on a mission, and I sat down to write. I like writing, and the opportunity had arisen to do some. I like writing; I've found the occasional geocache. I've offered my services to The Geocache Tourist blog, and they seemed happy with what I spent the afternoon writing.
Let's hope this is the beginning of a happy association.

"Daddies Little Angel TM" then came home and turned the shopping we'd bought earlier into stew for tea. Very tasty! And with the arrival of the Rear Admiral, Martin and the first fruit of my loin we set off to Queen Street. Ten of us sat down for a game of cards. I haven't played poker for absolutely ages. I really should play more often. Even if I am always the first one to be knocked out...

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