30 March 2013 (Saturday) - Still Cold

As I scoffed my brekkie this morning er indoors TM" went off for five minutes to move her car. There are parking restrictions between 8am and 6pm. She was gone for (as I said) five minutes, and Fudge sobbed for those five minutes. He was distraught - the dog actually sobbed. It was so sad I nearly cried myself.

As it snowed outside I then had a look through this blog's archives - last year on Easter Saturday we went round to friends and had a barbie in the garden. Not this year. Too cold.

As I pootled on-line I saw someone had posted on the Kent Geocaching forum asking about the virtues of hand held GPS units. I am utterly convinced I am missing something as far as GPS units are concerned. I geocache with a smartphone. I can download all the caches I want directly to the phone, and log all the caches from the phone. People using a GPS unit have to mess about going via a PC because the GPS units don't have internet connection. Admittedly the GPS units have longer battery life, but they seem to involve a lot of fiddling around; fiddling around which is (to my mind) unnecessary. However people with GPS units think the sun shines out of the GPS unit's USB slot. One of my geocaching mates posted a long list of advantages of her GPS unit over my smartphone - to my mind they all seemed to be things I can actually do faster on my smartphone without needing to upload or download anything via a PC.
Clearly I am missing something here. I wish I knew what it was.

Once the blizzard had stopped we took Furry Face out for a walk. Out through the park and on to Singleton Lake where we met one of our partners in crime. We fitted in a sneaky geocache find and then whilst er indoors TM" popped into the shops Hurksy swapped his bike for his dog and we walked out onto the Godinton estate for a little stroll. And a crafty cache as well. From there we made our way home via a rather circuitous route through Great Chart and the Environment centre. It was a good walk, and glorious when the sun came out. But it was cold.

And so home. The new series of "Doctor Who" started tonight. The story wasn't bad. Quite good in fact. I think I liked the fact that the villain was from the Patrick Troughton era. But I'm sure I would have liked it with someone else in the lead role. I've seen enough now to say I don't like Matt Smith's portrayal of the Doctor. Idiot or hero - which is it to be?
Being both simply isn't working for me...

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