6 March 2013 (Wednesday) - Result!

Oh, how I laughed on my way to work. At a rather narrow part of a busy side road the chap in front of me had pulled up. He'd thrown his car door wide open blocking the way, so I had to stop. He got out of his car at a leisurely pace, had a bit of a stretch, put his jacket on, looked around, scratched his bum and then started fiddling with his phone. All the time he was oblivious to the fact that he was standing in the middle of the road. After five minutes or so I beeped my hooter at him and he spun round in obvious surprise. He then had another look around and it clearly came as a shock to him that not only was he standing in the middle of the road, but he was holding up the traffic too. He went red when he realised he wasn't the only person in the world.

I hadn't been delayed *too* much so I popped into Canterbury's cheapo shop. With Mars bars at thirty-six pence I was impressed. Mind you their Rich Tea biscuits were three times the price of those in Lidls. You have to watch these so-called bargain stores.
It was at this stage that I made a point of leaving the shop. As a child I could remember my Grandmother knowing the price of every item in every shop in town, and every trip to town would involve hourly regroupings of her gaggle of mates who would all update each other on recent price changes.
I am becoming my gran...

I then phoned the washing machine repair people to chivvy them along a little. My required part has arrived and they will fit it tomorrow. At some point between 8am and 6pm. They seriously expect me to sit in and wait for them. If I want to be able to wash my smalls I have little alternative.

And home to find a recorded delivery letter. From the leccie company. Periodically they give out random prizes to customers. I've won two tickets for the London Eye - worth over seventy quid. That's a result.

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