31 March 2024 (Sunday) - Woodwork, Folkestone

What with Daylight Saving the clocks went forward an hour overnight. Why? No daylight was saved. It is darker in the mornings and lighter in the evening, but the total hours of light and dark don’t change. So why do we fart around doing it?
I made toast and had a look at the Internet. Several people were wishing the world a Happy Easter; easter clearly being about scoffing far too much chocolate in the minds of most. I can remember as a scout leader one small girl telling me that we had to eat loads of chocolate at Easter because the baby Jesus got nailed to a tree. I didn’t disillusion her. As a child I was brainwashed into religion… sadly that’s what the Boys Brigade was actually all about. It took me a long while to see through it all… Christianity in particular makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and doesn’t stand up to any thought at all. God becoming human and dying for all that we did wrong… not that we had any idea that we were doing wrong in the first place because that god didn’t tell us the rules.
There might be a god, there might not. I don’t know. But the Christian idea isn’t it.
I saw that my brother and nephew were off to watch football. Having driven for an hour to get to Brighton they were then on a five-hour coach trip to Liverpool.
Two friends had birthdays today. One I’ve not seen for a little while. We used to walk to school together many years ago. We were in the Boys Brigade together. He’s been living in Sweden for some years now. He doesn’t come back to the UK very often as the UK-Sweden ferries stopped ten years ago. Now he faces an eight hundred mile car drive which takes fourteen hours whenever he wants to visit old haunts. The old haunts we both used to frequent are less than an hour’s drive from me, and I don’t frequent them very often myself.
And I saw that “er indoors TM had received the thumbs-up from the geo-feds about the meet she is organizing for May. A minor result, bearing in mind the fights she usually has with the geo-feds.
I hung out washing then cracked on with up-cycling. A couple of days ago I took the poggered picnic bench apart. On Friday I made a base for the garden boxes with some of the wood. Today I sawed some of the planks into precisely measured (!) lengths then screwed those lengths into four box-sections. That only took three hours. It has to be said that my efforts were hampered because I was actually recycling the bench I used to use as my working surface for garden projects. The next stage is to secure the box-sections together into a box, put on a base, line it, and move one of the potted shrubs into it. I’ll do that later.
I’ve got three potted shrubs in circular pots, but two of the pots are poggered. And being circular means I can’t get the lawn mower behind them. I shall replace the circular pots with straight edged boxes. However being a skinflint I’d rather not spend too much money on it.
If any of my loyal readers have any poggered wooden garden structures they don’t want any more…
I stopped for a spot of lunch. A Mars bar. From the Mars bar cupboard. I never knew we had a Mars bar cupboard. See what you miss if you don’t pay attention. It was a shame it was three months past it's "scoff by" date but I scoffed it anyway.
We then popped down to Folkestone where we met the most recent fruit of my loin and her entourage and we went for a little wander up the Leas. It was a shame that Morgan was in “dire-rear mode” as Stormageddon – Bringer of Destruction TM informed me.
The plan was that we would walk up the Leas and have an ice-cream. Sadly none of the usual ice cream stalls were open, and there were no ice cream vans to be seen. Because it is Easter Sunday pretty much the entire world shuts down. However Maccie D didn’t let us down; milk shakes and McFlurries saved the day.
We came home. I got the washing in and had a look at the pond. The leak in the bog filter seems fixed; I *think* the outlet was silting up and making the water level too high. I raked the silt out yesterday, and this afternoon the bit that had been wet from the leak was dry.
I looked at the box-sections I’d made this morning, but decided against more woodwork.
I downloaded Candy Crush Saga onto my phone and played that until “er indoors TM sorted out lamb chops. We scoffed them whilst watching the final of “The Traitors:Australia”.
How many people would you stab in the back to end up with more money than sense?
What with all that was going on today I never got round to scoffing my Easter egg. Egg. Singular. Back in the day I would have got a dozen. Not that I’m sulking…
Oh – and my brother and nephew travelled all the way to Liverpool to watch their team lose.

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