30 March 2024 (Saturday) - Dog Club, Badlesmere

I realized something in the night… the dogs take a while to settle. If I go to the loo about three o’clock they all move into the warm space I’ve left. If I go after four o’clock they are all too fast asleep to realise I’ve gone.
As I scoffed toast there was quite a lot of indignation being expressed on-line about some ex-teacher who’d been sacked for using the wrong pronoun with relation to one of his pupils. Having been a girl for years this one now thought it would like to be a boy and the teacher either didn’t realise or didn’t care. Trans right is a rather contentions issue. The vast majority of people feel it is a bit silly but aren’t really that bothered. A vanishingly small minority see it as the number one issue in the world today, make loads of noise and get listened to. As Ford Prefect once remarked “You can’t win against people who care”. Personally I identify as a millionaire, but until such time as the bank give me that million I shall take the whole identifying thing with a pinch of salt.
Being Saturday we set off to Dog Club. As we drove Steve was doing the “Guess the Lyrics” competition on the radio. I got it right.
Dog Club was fun. Loads of chasing about, loads of running after tennis balls. Quite a bit of wading in swamps. As we Dog Clubbed so my phone beeped; another friend request from a young lady with more chest than sense.
From Dog Club we drove out to Badlesmere listening to the mystery year competition on the radio. A rather obscure sone from Sweet which I can distinctly remember being released in 1972 was actually released in 1975. Woops!
We met Karl and Tracey and went for a little walk. Not so much a walk as a preliminary recce for a new series of geocaches of the May geo-meet. And with walk walked we went back to the Red Lion; a very good pub which does rather good food and has a very good ale selection. And mild too. And they put up with over-tired dogs as well which in my world is a bonus.
I took a few photos of our day whilst we were out.
We came home via the pet shop. After a quick cuppa and cake I cracked on in the garden. The lawn got mowed, and I cleaned out the pond’s filter. Ten seconds to write; an hour to do.
“er indoors TM went off to see Neon Street playing at The Chimneys. I stayed at home and dog-sat. I’d caught the sun earlier and perhaps a drinkie or two in the pub earlier was taking its toll. I watched some of The Gentlemen on Netflix. It’s rather good; a shame I had to have the volume so loud to make it heard over dog snoring.
And in closing, today would have been my parents’ sixty-seventh wedding anniversary. It’s been a little while but I’m still not used to being an orphan…

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