29 March 2024 (Friday) - Good Friday

I had something of a lie-in today, finally getting up about nine o’clock. I had a minor plumbing disaster when I found the bathroom sink wasn’t draining so I got jiggy with the plunger.
Facebook was something of a minefield this morning. The god-botherers were out in force today as were those poking them with sticks. I resisted the temptation to poke any of them myself, but it never fails to amaze me why all religious are so popular when nothing of what they advocate stands up to any considered thought at all.
In recent years (relatively speaking) Good Friday would be spent pouring far too much beer down my throat at the Chambers Br beer festival. Before that, traditionally Good Friday is when I start in the garden. This year I’ve been on the go out there for some time, and I carried on this morning. I got the old picnic bench to pieces, sawed it about a bit and made a stand for a couple of wooden boxes I made some time ago. Where those boxes sit on the patio they get rather wet; lifting them up might stop them rotting through.
I took apart the trellis I got from B&Q yesterday, then popped the saxifrage plants round the rockery by the pond. I might re-pot them; I might not. We shall see.
We then took the dogs out. Today to Ham Street Woods. “er indoors TM had reports that the paper logs in her geocaches there were wet. The only way they get wet is people not putting them back properly, but they needed sorting. It made for a good, if muddy, walk. As we walked we found some normal people who were making great show of having special precious dogs who couldn’t possibly have other dogs anywhere near them, and also making great show of seemingly guarding the entrance to the woods.
Some people can be hard work.
We eventually evaded them, and pausing only briefly for Bailey to chase rats, we came home for a cuppa.and cake. I then got another coat of paint onto the garden bench. There’s still loads of stuff to do in the garden, but I came in and sat with the dogs whilst “er indoors TM went shopping.
I took the opportunity to slob on front of the telly whilst the dogs snored.
“er indoors TM returned from shopping and boiled up a steak dinner which we washed down with a bottle of plonk whilst watching more ofThe Traitors: Australia”. It’s a rather good program which sadly demonstrates the worst of human nature. Given the opportunity to either help someone or to piss on their chips, how many people *really* would help someone else?

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