5 September 2021 (Sunday) - A Rather Sunny Day

I spent much of the night in a loosing battle trying to wrest some of the bed space from the dogs. They aren’t big dogs but can spread themselves out quite impressively when asleep.

In a novel break with tradition “er indoors TM” got up first this morning. She’d arranged to collect a load of shopping from Asda. Asda, like many supermarkets, have this thing where you go on-line, tell them what you want, and they provide you with some stuff which is almost (but not entirely) utterly unlike that which you ordered.


With “er indoors TM” returned with a whole load of God-only-knows-what I made toast, registered another negative COVID test and had a look at the internet. My piss immediately boiled as I opened Facebook. Some time ago a friend started up a mindfulness page on which various people post all sorts of twee memes. There is nothing more annoying than being told that “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” from people who have life served up on silver platters.

There was an interesting post on a Facebook page that I help moderate. There have never been any audio books of Julian May’s “The Many Coloured Land” series of books, and people were talking about the possibility of creating some. Nothing will come of the discussion, but (as always) the chat was good-natured and friendly. If only the rest of Facebook was so amiable.

My Facebook feed was filled with adverts for garden waterfalls this morning – I looked at those on eBay last night. Big Brother certainly is watching me.

I sent out birthday wishes and then got ready for the off.


The original plan for today was to go down to Walmer to join in with a tidying the beach session that had been planned for today by some of the geo-gang. But for all sorts of reasons we didn’t really want to be too far from home today, so we met up with Karl, Tracey and Charlotte and started provisional planning for a possible new series of geocaches. I won’t say where we went; I realise just how pathetic this sounds but there really are those people who will be looking at the photos I took today trying to work out where we walked, and then trying to find today’s route desperately rummaging round hoping to locate any geocaches we put out today. For some the need to be the first one to say they found it is a rather powerful addiction.

Wherever it was that we went we had a really good walk. The dogs chased pheasants, we saw no end of joggers, and we even got to see some very small baby cows too.

After a couple of hours we were back where we started and having started by a pub we thought we’d have a pint or two. As everyone else changed their boots for more comfortable shoes so Charlotte and I went into the bee garden to bag a table. In doing so we upset the normal people. We sat at a large table under a tree, and as we were giving the dogs a drink so the chap who was at the next table when we arrived announced to his mate (very loudly) that he wanted to sit at the table in the shade under the tree, and then glared at me. Well… why didn’t he then? The table was empty when we arrived and saw him sitting at his table.

Fortunately him and his mates didn’t stay long. We had a few pints and some rather good pizza before wending our way home.

I took a few photos as we walked. It don’t take Sherlock Holmes to work out where we went.


We came home and put away the event shelter that we’d had out yesterday evening. As we had a cuppa so we realised that new Munzees were appearing outside.  A friend was in the area having a cheeky deploy so we sent a message and she came in for a cuppa. It was good to catch up. 

“er indoors TM” and Cheryl set off to see some drag queens and I settled down in front of the telly with the dogs. They slept the entire evening; showing no interest in having any dinner. I wonder what that’s all about…

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