29 August 2021 (Sunday) - Borstal, Teams...

With the dogs off on their little sleepover the house was rather empty and lonely when I got up this morning. Amazingly I didn’t feel anywhere near as rough as I thought I might this morning after six bottles of ale, more apple sours than you can shake a stick at, and more sambuca than sense.

I made toast, told the world about my adventures yesterday, set “Hannah” up for today, and checked out the map to plan a route to the Medway Towns via Folkestone, then got ready for the off. It was much easier to get ready with no over-excited dogs swarming about.


Firstly we had to collect over-excited dogs so we drove down to Folkestone where “Daddy’s Little Angel TM” assured us that the hounds had been well-behaved. As we walked them back to the car so Pogo tiddled like a thing possessed and Treacle cried. Treacle will not tiddle on pavement and tarmac, so we drove (as fast as we could) to Radnor Park where she tiddled what seemed to be about a gallon of dog wee. The sense of relief from her was palpable; why will she only tiddle on grass? Silly dog.

From there we followed my phone’s GPS which eventually led us to an obscure country lane near Borstal. Borstal is a village near the Medway towns where the first young offenders’ institution was built, and gives the name to the prisons. Despite the name, the countryside around it is rather pretty.


It wasn’t long before Karl, Tracey and Charlotte arrived, and we set off on a little walk guided (as ever) by a series of geocaches. We walked alongside the railway and the river, across fields and through woods, and got some incredible close-up views of the huge bridges over which the M2, the high-speed train line HS1 and the train track cross the Medway valley. The stinging nettles were a bit think in parts, but you can’t have everything.

Although the sky looked dark as we started, we had no rain. Sometimes overcast, sometimes bright sun, the weather was good to us.

Geocache-wise it was a very good walk. We found all of our targets. I did find the given co-ordinated were a tad awry on some of the hides, but bearing in mind that the things were hidden six months ago I expect the tree cover has had a lot to do with that.

I took a few photos as we walked, and slept for much of the way home.


Once home I spent a little while doing all the geo-admin from today’s walk then got rather angry trying to set up Microsoft Teams on my lap-top. Cheryl has said that tomorrow’s family bingo will be played via Microsoft Teams as Zoom is too much like arse-ache (or so I am reliably informed). Admittedly Zoom does chuck everyone out after an hour but most people are capable of logging back in again. I spent about an hour trying to get Microsoft Teams going but kept getting into silly software loops. It wanted my phone number but wouldn’t accept it. After repeating the same steps about twenty times it suddenly accepted it. It then refused to go any further until I installed the app on my phone but refused to believe I had done so. It eventually took my word, but refused to recognise any contacts. Eventually I managed to call Cheryl on Teams and it worked, but it took some doing. “er indoors TM”’s lap-top wasn’t having anything to do with it at all.

It seems to me that Microsoft Teams is too much like arse-ache as well.


“er indoors TM” boiled up a very good bit of dinner which we scoffed whilst watching tonight’s episode of “Lego Masters: Australia”. In this episode the contestants were building bridges and testing them to destruction. They spent ten hours building something which was then trashed.

As we watched so the dogs snored. Their sleepover last night followed by today’s walk has done them in…

Mind you our booze-up last night followed by today’s walk has done me in too.

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