28 February 2019 (Thursday) - Rather Busy

I slept well, and woke feeling hardly able to move. I didn’t think yesterday’s walk was *that* strenuous?
Over brekkie I looked at Facebook as I do most mornings. Very little was happening over there. In fact I’d go so far as to say “absolutely sod all”. With the exception of one wedding anniversary video and a couple of posts from a cousin I saw nothing but adverts of stuff for sale in local selling groups. I have over five hundred and fifty people on my friends list; I wish they would all post more stuff. I am incredibly nosey and like to see what others are doing.
I sent out a couple of birthday wishes, and then had a look at my emails. Linkedin had found a new friend for me. My potential new buddy is a skilled business development manager at senior level within both the private and public sector. He has proven operational and product delivery experience with broad commercial expertise in all corporate functions His specialties are business development, bid writing, economic development presentation and communication… blah blah blah.
Does *anyone* take this bollox seriously?
I wondered what on Earth possessed the nice people at LinkedIn to chum me up with this bloke. Apparently it was because we had one contact in common. This one contact was also someone else I don’t know. I’m rather choosy about who I have as a friend on Facebook. Perhaps I should be equally picky on LinkedIn?

I got the leads on to the dogs and we went for a little drive. With only two unfound geocaches within seven miles of home I thought I might hunt them down today.
I must admit that I approached the first one with a degree of cynicism. It had been hidden in the name of a scout group by someone who had only ever found twenty-six of the things, and clearly hadn’t taken the time to re-read the cache description before submitting it for publication. If they had they might have re-written the thing into grammatically correct English and corrected the spelling mistakes. Am I being pedantic? Not really. Reading a cache description which reads as though the hider couldn’t be bothered to put in any effort hardly paints the hobby in a good light. And any kind of word processing package will point out the grammatic and spelling errors for you.
I found the cache easily enough. It looked like an old bit of rubbish flung into a hedgerow. As an ex-scout leader myself, I really wish scout groups wouldn’t get involved with geocaching.
The second cache involved a little walk but was easily found. It was a rather better hide, but was a tad mildewed. They often are.
I now have only twelve unfound geocaches within eight miles of home. I’m not sure if I want to go get those or not.

We came home. The weather wasn’t that special today. Mind you (on the plus side) this time last year I’d been stranded in the snow overnight at work, and today Pogo had had another drive out without being sick. Once home I got out the pressure-washer and gave the front garden something of a scrub down. It needed doing. I also hosed the fence between our house and not-so-nice next door. Most of the paint came off. That will be something to put right in the not-too-distant future. As I hosed the postie delivered the bill from the power company and the landing net I bought from eBay on Monday.
I did have a plan to carry on pressure-washing the back garden too, but my back gave me one or two twinges so I gave up.

I drove up to the post office; I had a parcel to collect. Lego is always good. However collecting parcels not so. The sorting office is a little bit too far from home to carry bulky parcels back. Unfortunately there is nowhere convenient to park. I parked up by the sports centre and walked up having paid one pound fifty for ten minutes parking. As I walked up to the sorting office I watched the traffic wardens ticketing the cars that had parked on the double yellow lines outside. The road there is plenty wide enough for cars to park; you really would think the traffic wardens might be able to find a more constructive use of their time.
I stopped off at “Pets at Home” to get a new light tube for the fish tank and got home to find it broken. I went back to “Pets at Home” for a replacement. They didn’t actually accuse me outright of having broken the thing, but the implication was there.

Over a sandwich I watched the first episode of “Titans”; another Netflix thing which seems good so far, then as the dogs snored I looked at my new Lego. I thought it was rather good – if you like that sort of thing. Personally I do.

With Lego house built I then had a look-see at the letter from the power company. They were putting the bill up by about a hundred and fifty quid a year, but told me I could make savings by going to a different tariff. I phoned the nice lady at the power company, agreed to all the nonsense words she said, and I’m now paying four pounds a month less than I was yesterday for leccie and gas. Isn’t it ridiculous? I’m still using the same amount of the same stuff, but because I’ve done some purely nonsensical paperwork-mentality exercise it is all now cheaper.

With "er indoors TM" off out with her mates this evening, me and the dogs had kebab for tea. Or (to be precise) they had their usual tea then helped me eat my kebab. As I scoffed I watched more episodes of “Titans”.
It’s got promise…

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