16 February 2019 (Saturday) - Early Shift

I slept like a log until half past two when "er indoors TM" and the wolf-pack came to bed. Things were a tad crowded after that. I gave up trying to sleep and came downstairs. Over brekkie I watched an episode of "Alan Partridge" on Netflix (I do like Alan Partridge) and then got myself organised (without waking anyone) and set off to work.

When I'd got up I'd looked out of the window. I do that first thing every morning. At that time all the cars outside were frost free. Whilst I'd scoffed my toast a freezing fog had fallen. All the cars were suddenly thick with ice, and visibility was down to ten yards at best. I drove slowly to work; the fog came and went in patches. All very pretty but a pain for driving.
As I drove the pundits on the radio were spouting rubbish as they so often do. Today they were talking about the amount of money that university vice-chancellors are paid. The Labour party has declared that university vice chancellors should not be paid more than twenty times the rate of the lowest paid member of their university's staff. At the same time the Labour party aren't advocating raising the pay of the lower paid or cutting the pay of the higher paid. Someone or other from the Labour party was wheeled on and he made a complete balls-up of trying to explain this clearly nonsensical (and impossible) idea. 
As a life-long right-wing lefty, the Labour party boil my piss. It seems that the only policy they have is to make themselves utterly unelectable.

I got to work, and with a few minutes spare I popped into the canteen and had the full English breakfast. Oh yes !! Feeling suitably bloated I got on with the day's round.​ I did that which I couldn't avoid, and left as soon as I could.

I drove from work straight to Kwik-Fit. Just lately my car has been making a terrible noise when I turn the engine on. I was convinced the exhaust system had had it. And bearing in mind the tyres had had the thumbs-down when I’d had the cambelt done a few months ago I thought I’d get the tyres looked at too. Ideally I would use my usual garage, but they couldn’t fit me in for another two weeks. Kwik-Fit could see me right away.
I got to Kwik-Fit, they got my car onto the car lift. The exhaust was fine; it was rattling because some clip thingy had perished. And there was nothing wrong with the tyres either. I went in expecting a bill for over five hundred quid; I came out only twenty-five pounds lighter. I was pleased about that.

I came home to find "er indoors TM" painting the skirting boards as a prelude to getting a new carpet. Perhaps I might have helped with the painting? She seemed engrossed in it so I didn’t interfere. I played Lego instead. I built a little shop-thingy from the bargain job-lot I bought last weekend. And with my little shop-thingy built I put in in place, and created a little photo album of progress so far with my Lego project. I really need a name for the town that I’m building.

I then tried to program “Hannah” for tomorrow’s little outing. It wasn’t having any of it, so I gave up. Over dinner we watched the latest episode of “Star Trek”. I think that the show is really suffering from having a needlessly complicated plot.
I then got serious with “Hannah” and programmed directly through GSAK. For those of my loyal readers who are unaware of the seriousness of this, programming through GSAK is fighting talk. I hope it worked.
I shall find out tomorrow…

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