10 February 2019 (Sunday) - Wet Sunday

One of the dogs spent much of the night grumbling. I suspect it was Treacle; she is the most quarrelsome of the pack.

Finding myself awake a little earlier than I needed to be I got up, and over a bowl of cornflakes I watched the third episode of "Russian Doll". The plot took a rather interesting twist.
Being half-past six on a Sunday morning it was probably far too early for anything to have kicked off on Facebook, so I got dressed and set off to find my car. I did chuckle when a passing vagrant asked where my dogs were.

The roads were rather quiet this morning, as well they would be. As I drove the pundits on the radio were broadcasting from Nigeria where there are elections pending. They were interviewing all sorts of people there. I've worked with many Nigerians over the years and they have all said bad things about the place. What I heard this morning just reinforced what I've heard.
There was talk on the radio about how there are reforms to sort out the corruption that is rife in all walks of Nigerian society. But they are only prosecuting those who took bribes in the past. Those who are still in office and taking bribes are being left well alone. Bribery is only seen as an offence when the person taking the bribes is no longer in a position to need to be bribed.
And there was talk about how bad it was that the youngsters there are forming friendships and relationships based on whether they like each other rather than depending on which crackpot religion their family has followed for years. Stopping the religious hatreds of hundreds of years is seen as a bad thing.
I might whinge about the UK, but things here could be an awful lot worse.

I got to work and made a bee-line for the canteen. I've had better cooked breakfasts than that which work boils up, but I've certainly had far worse ones. I took a photo of my full English and put it on Facebook; tagging my colleague who had started her shift an hour previously. Not that I was gloating or anything.

Work was work; as I did my bit I learned of a new micro-pub. It is in Cranbrook. Not the easiest of places to get to, but it might be worth a visit after a walk one weekend.

With my bit done I sparked up my sat-nav. Last night just before bed time a Lego bargain appeared on one of the Facebook selling pages I follow. The seller took the line of first-come-first-served, and seeing how I was the first person to message him, I had first dibs on the bargain. The chap lived on the other side of Ashford from where I live. I typed his post code into my sat-nav. The quickest route was to drive north of Maidstone and pick up the motorway. I say "quickest" - the sat nav said that going that way was five minutes shorter, but twelve miles longer.
I went cross-country.

I soon found the house of the nice man who was flogging the Lego. He invited me into his house; there were boxes of Lego everywhere, and carrier bags too. His children had *loads* of Lego but they had grown out of it (so he said) and he’d put it all into storage, and now (years later) he was having a clear out. He was surprised at the market there was for used Lego. I was his first buyer; apparently forty-five other people had messaged him about the bargain I got in the twenty minutes it took for him to mark it as sold.
My box had my name on; many other boxes and bags had names on. I asked if he had any he’d not yet listed on Facebook’s selling page. He had. I snapped up another bargain.

I came home to find "er indoors TM" had gone shopping. All three dogs barked at me; they wanted a walk. Pausing only briefly to shut Pogo’s paw in the toilet door (whoops!) we were soon walking up to the park.
Sometimes our walks are good, sometimes they are a misery. Today’s walk was excellent. The dogs behaved themselves, did as they were told (they understand English no matter what anyone might say) and didn’t fight with anyone or anything. There was a minor incident when Pogo and Treacle both got soakings when they fell in drainage ditches though. They are used to running down and up these ditches as they are usually empty. But what with the recent rains there was two feet of water in them today. I laughed as Pogo fell in, and I laughed even more when Treacle fell in two minutes later.

We got home at about the same time as "er indoors TM". I put the Lego I’d bought on the scales. I’d bought two job lots at eight quid each. They had a combined weight of eight kilogrammes. I’ve seen mention in many places on the Internet that the going rate for job lots of Lego is ten quid per kilogramme (plus postage). I’ve just saved over sixty quid. Result.

A cup of coffee, a slice of cake, and I had a little look-see at my first bargain. There’s an awful lot of fiddly bits, but it didn’t take me long to knock together a little shop-salon thingy. There’s also a Lego ladder, conveyor belt and all sorts of other goodies. And I’ve not looked at the second one yet.

"er indoors TM" boiled up a very good bit of dinner, and we scoffed it whilst watching last week’s episode of “Star Trek: Discovery”. I think where Discovery is going wrong is that it is trying too hard to have an ongoing storyline. I’m afraid that “The Orville” is in danger of leaving Discovery behind…

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