18 February 2013 (Monday) - Ashford Caching

"Daddies Little Angel TM" arrived early this morning and cooked brekkie for everyone – bacon and eggs went down very nicely. Once brekkied we took the dogs round the block. Dave was keen to see some of Ashford’s geocaches and I knew of a series that would give us a nice little stroll. Whilst out I did a little cache maintenance – not far from my house is a geocache of mine named “luvaduck”. I’d had a “did not find” logged on it recently and had found that the cache had gone. (I have a theory as to why that might have been). I’d organised a replacement cache and so this morning I took the replacement duck (and anchor) with us, hoiked the lot into the river, and watched it all promptly sink. I have a theory that the excessive flow of the river is what’s causing the duck to be submerged, and that it will re-surface soon. But in the meantime I shall scare up more replacement ducks just in case.

We then made our way to find Lisa, and wandered on to find more caches in the local woods. The dogs got a good run, and it was all exercise for my slowly healing back.
After a quick cuppa with the Rear Admiral at lunch time I took Dave to find half a dozen of Ashford’s more unusual caches. Tombolas and Ker-Plunk and tape measures. Good stuff.
All too soon Dave and Tracy had to set off home. It's a shame Brighton is so far away.

I then spent a little while playing with my phone – I squandered two quid on a new geocaching app that I have seen used with ordnance survey maps. But I can’t see how to get OS maps onto the app. I’m sure I’ll get there in the end.
Eventually I gave up with maps and slobbed in front of the telly. It doesn't watch itself, you know...

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