1 February 2013 (Friday) - Astro-biology

A good night's sleep. A combination of a late night and no alarm being set seems to have done the trick. Over a spot of brekkie I checked to see what was going on in the world. It seems there's a geocaching camping event in September. I may well go; if only to see what it's like.
And then I sulked. Having just been indoors working for two of the most glorious days of the year (so far), today had started off with torrential rain. I had planned to take Furry Face on a serious walk today, but the rain was against us. So I spent an hour revamping my multi-march series of geocaches. Having spent the time preparing I was somewhat miffed to find I'd wasted my time. I've emailed the nice man at geocaching dot com to see if he can do what I was hoping to do. And then with the rain having slackened off to a medium monsoon I took Fudge out.

Our usual walk goes through the aptly named "Bowens Filed Wetland Park". It was completely wet today. Completely flooded. Even the bridge over the pond was under water. But despite the rain and the floods we carried on. And then home for a spot of lunch whilst watching Babylon 5 DVDs.

I remembered that I'd signed up to an on-line astrobiology course, and that the course had started on Monday. So I spent the whole afternoon catching up on the lectures. They were very interesting, but having studied and worked in life sciences for the last thirty years I didn't really learn anything new. But it was good to hear things from a different perspective. I'm now up to date with the on-line schedule, and have scored well over ninety per cent in the tests so far (engage smug mode"!).

And we spent the evening watching "Big Bang Theory". Can't believe I've taken so long to catch on to this...

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