1 November 2023 (Wednesday) - Still Poorly

I woke feeling rather grim at three o’clock so I came downstairs, and watched an episode of “Star Trek: Lower Decks” rather than laying wide awake. I felt a bit tired after that, and it was then that I had a stroke of genius. Bearing in mind I spent so long asleep on the sofa yesterday and the day before, I thought I might have a bit of a kip on the sofa, and not wake up coughing every five minutes.
If the telly is on in broad daylight I am out like a light when on the sofa. Last night in the dark I just gave myself a backache. So I went to back to bed at five o’clock and disturbed the dogs, two of whom then wanted a tiddle. Had I marched Morgan out as well he might not have had the “little accident” that woke me at half past eight.
At least it was only the smallest of accidents. A spot maybe the size of a fifty-pence piece. He held on to most of it to get it outside. But he does need to be tiddled regularly. Here’s a tip that all dachshund owners know very well, but deliberately keep a closely guarded secret. Dachshunds are never particularly good in the toilet training department.
I look the sheet to the washing machine, and as it scrubbed I made toast and had a look at the internet. Three Facebook friends were having a birthday today; I sent out my birthday video to the two that have made some attempt t contact me in the last six years. But sending that video isn’t as easy as it once was. Facebook now tells me that the video hasn’t been independently fact-checked and had its veracity confirmed and asks me each time if I want to continue with that in mind.
With torrential rain outside and me still feeling like death warmed up I cracked on with the ironing. As I ironed I watched the first episode of “Banged Up”, a TV show in which seven so-called celebrities see how they would cope in prison. The show was rather interesting (and frightening) but could have done with either having real celebrities, or telling us mere mortals who the so-called celebrities actually are. I’d not heard of any of them.
After that I sparked up Netflix and watched three episodes of the most recent series of “The Witcher”. I watched the first two seasons and can remember them being rather good. I watched today’s episodes with some enjoyment, but did have quite the feeling of “WTF was that all about”.
With ironing ironed and seeing a break in the seemingly constant rain I walked the dogs round the block. What with disease the dogs hadn’t had a walk for two days. We went round the block; we didn’t meet anyone, we got home before the rain started again.
Feeling a tad knackered after just going round the block I sat back on the sofa with Morgan and Bailey (or “Baby” as “Darcie Waa Waa TM” calls her) and watched episodes of “Four in a Bed” in which the people with the cheapest and shabbiest establishment seemed to think that anything better than piss-poor standards was a needless waste of effort.
I do like that show.
During the advert breaks I phoned the garage and the dentist and the hospital and rescheduled all the appointments with people who wouldn’t want to see me if I was diseased.
We had fish and chips for tea… and as the evening wore on I began to wilt. And cough. And I think my temperature is going up too.
I thought I was slowly on the mend…

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