11 November 2023 (Saturday) - Bit Tired

As night shifts go, last night’s was one of the better ones, but I was still glad to see the day shift arrive. As I drove home the pundits on the radio were talking about today’s planned marches in London. Following all the commotion in the week with the police saying they were legally unable to ban the protest marches, marches had been planned in support of both sides of the conflict in Gaza. I can’t help but wonder why anyone would march in London in protest about something happening in the Middle East; who are they protesting at? Is anyone who can do anything about it going to be listening? Somehow I doubt it. I could be wrong but I suspect many of those going have been attracted by all the hype.
As I got to the motorway I turned the radio from Radio Four to Radio Ashford and listened to the fizzing and crackling. After a mile or so I could hear Steve in the background, and as we drove past Lenham so I could hear him more clearly.
I drove straight to the Dog Club field. Had I come home for the dogs I would have been a tad late, and seeing I had the key to the place I felt I shouldn’t be keeping people waiting. I opened up, and within minutes Ralph (and his human) arrived. Soon there were dogs all over the place, and “er indoors TM soon arrived with a car full of dogs and Stormageddon – Bringer of Destruction TMwho’d stayed overnight with his mother and sister. “Daddy’s Little Angel TM” gave Dog Club a miss as “Darcie Waa Waa TM was taking a while to get going this morning.
Dog Club went rather well with a dozen dogs along. Lots of chasing and playing. Pogo seemed to get on rather well. It’s daft… standing in a muddy field watching a load of dogs charging about and then driving home trying to work out the mystery year on the radio has become one of the highlights of my week. And talking of the mystery year, I had it figured out today. I heard the clues, I listened to the music. I was confident that it was 1983. I was rather shocked when Steve said 1979.
We got home and rather than going to bed (as I would usually do after a night shift) I made toast and bandied insults with “Daddy’s Little Angel TM” for the morning. 
Eventually “er indoors TM took Daddy’s Little Angel TM” and the littluns off shopping, and I settled down in front of the telly underneath a pile of dogs and dozed until “er indoors TM returned. I had a cuppa and checked my emails. I’ve signed up for “Beat the Peak”; some scheme by which if we don’t use leccie at peak hours we’ll get money off our bill. And I had a notification that “LexisNexis” carried out an insurance risk assessment search on me. I wonder why. And the Friends of Kings Wood were asking for volunteers to help with pond surveys. I might be up for that.
“er indoors TM boiled up dinner then went off to Folkestone to watch some Queen tribute band. I settled on the sofa with the dogs and watched the last episode of “Osmosis”. The show started badly, and in all honesty went downhill from there. I must admit I had no idea what was going on for much of it.
And then I watched a film. I’d heard good things about “Ad Astra”. , but I’d been lied to. It started off with the planet Earth getting attacked by power surges from the planet Neptune. So our hero was sent to Mars (which was where the closest space telephone was located) to ask them to stop. On the way he was attacked by space pirates and space baboons, but on getting to Mars he was declared psychologically round the twist. To prove his detractors wrong he then hijacked a spaceship (accidentally killing all the crew) and sailed all the way to Neptune where he found his Dad who was even further round the twist than he was.
As crap films go, it was on the crap side.
As I watched telly so “er indoors TM said hello through the dog-cam. That made the dogs sit up and take notice.

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