14 November 2023 (Tuesday) - A Day Off

I slept like a log last night; eight hours asleep. Originally I had an ENT appointment booked for today, but what with having had COVID the hospital wanted to postpone the appointment. I decided to keep the day as a day off though. And having no need to be up early I slept like a log.
Over brekkie I had my usual rummage round the Internet. It was still there. The frankly wrong messages about Facebook stealing all your personal data and about how speed cameras going live on the M25 were still doing their rounds even though they’ve long been proved to be frankly wrong.
There were also reports about the possibility of Paul McCann appearing in a new spin-off Doctor Who series. Everyone with a stake in the franchise seems keen on the idea… and there’s the problem. It’s now a franchise, isn’t it? And a franchise owned by Disney. Not that I’m in any way knocking the Disney corporation, but back in the day I got to see Doctor Who because it was on the BBC. Paying for the BBC is compulsory (by law you have to have a TV license). On top of that I also pay out on Sky, Netflix, Apple TV and Paramount Plus. A subscription to Disney is perhaps one too many.
With rain forecast for later I got the dogs onto their leads and we went up to Kings Wood. As we drove the pundits on the radio were talking about the ongoing situation in Gaza. It sounds horrific. If what was happening there was happening anywhere else in the thirty-one other conflicts which are currently going on in the world, the international community would be up in arms. But it strikes me that no one dares say anything for fear of being branded antisemitic.
We got to the woods and had a good (if muddy) walk. We’d had reports that a geocache we’d hidden there last February had gone walkabout, and the whole idea of having all of my geocaches in Kings Wood was so that I could combine maintenance with a dog walk. The missing one was one of those furthest from the car park, but bearing in mind we were having a dog walk, this wasn’t that much of an issue. Mind you it was a shame that this wasn’t one of the ones on the hard tracks but was along a grassy (mud!) path.
We got to where the cache was supposed to be, and found it wasn’t. I popped a new one out. It was a shame that the people logging “did not find” chose not to do put one out. As I’ve said before they could have popped out a new pot in a fraction of the time it took them to complain that they didn’t find it.
As we walked we met several other dogs, and played nicely with all of them. One of them was on an epically long lead, and he wrapped his lead tightly round his human. Six times. It was only a shame that Treacle had to wade in every single puddle and swamp we found. Every single one.
We came home and had a bath. Just a little hosing-down of tummies and paws. For once no one rolled in anything (for which I was grateful). The plan was to then spend a little while tidying up in the garden, but by then the rain had started. Very heavy rain. It has to be said I’m getting fed up with the rain. It’s been hossing down on and off for weeks now.
So I spent an hour or so looking at renewing the house’s buildings and contents insurance. At the weekend everyone claimed they could do it cheaper than the quote I’d had from the existing insurer. When I looked into it today no one could, with all the quotes coming in hundreds of pounds more expensive than what we are currently paying. We’re staying with who we are with (for another year).
Yesterday I mentioned that I wasn’t feeling on top form. I was still rather iffy today. I spent the afternoon watching more episode of “Silo”. A show which started well has sadly become just another “police show with a difference”; the difference being it is just the same as all the others.
“er indoors TM is currently Zoom-ing with her mates. I’m going to watch more telly. If today hadn’t been a day’s leave I would probably have come home on sick leave.

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