12 November 2023 (Sunday) - Brekkie, Dymchurch

I slept for nine hours last night; the last few hours were spent dozing whilst fighting a battle trying to retain some of the duvet. A battle I eventually lost.
I got up, made a cuppa and had a look at the Internet to see if I’d missed anything overnight. I hadn’t really. There was a minor argument on one of the Radio Four Facebook pages. Someone hadn’t liked a program explaining how evolution worked, and people who didn’t understand evolution were making a pretty poor show of explaining it. There was a talk of an argument on one of the Facebook pages which features old photographs of Hastings… I say “talk of argument”; the chap who runs the group is often complaining about people causing upset on that group. I’ve never seen any myself (which is rare for a Facebook group); I offered to help moderate the group if that would help, and my offer was accepted. Perhaps I might see some of the squabbles now?
I had an email that one of my geocaches in Kings Wood had gone missing. As is always the case with missing geocaches it was one of those furthest from the car park but replacing it will make for a good dog walk in the week.
I had an email from Sainsburys home insurance saying the household insurance was up for renewal… at over double what I paid last year. I phoned through to them but the people I needed to speak with didn’t work on Sundays. Insurance companies are a pain in the glass (to coin a phrase). They always do this – they send through a renewal at a ridiculous price, and when you phone them to whinge they reduce the quote; often to lower than what it was last year.
We popped into town for our monthly brekkie catch-up with friends. You can’t beat a bit of brekkie. And with brekkie scoffed we came home and I spent a few minutes with moneysupermarket dot com looking at household building and contents insurance. Within ten minutes I had thirty-seven quotes that were cheaper than what Sainsbury’s were offering. Cheaper by hundreds of pounds.
With nothing else on the agenda and rain forecast for later we thought we’d take the dogs out. We drove down to Dymchurch and did the geocaching adventure lab caches down there. They took us on a simple but good little guided walk, and despite the colour of the sky, the rain held off.
We came home, and I spent the rest of the afternoon on the sofa underneath a pile of dogs watching more episodes of “Four In A Bed” in which (again) those with the crappiest Bed & Breakfasts felt they had so much to teach to people who were doing a far better job than them.
“er indoors TM boiled up a very good bit of dinner which we scoffed whilst watching last week’s episode of “Bake Off”; we’ve now caught up. Mind you, this year I’ve not heard any spoilers about the show. In previous years there’s been loads.
Is it losing its popularity?
I feel knackered – I really should have gone to bed yesterday…

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