9 November 2023 (Thursday) - Rostered Day Off

I slept through till quarter to eight this morning when I prodded “er indoors TM awake. She was supposed to be up early to be going in to the office today. Woops.
I made toast and had a little look at the Internet and saw that my Baptist Minster friend was spouting utter drivel on his “Prayers at Ten” podcast. He sounded rather croaky this morning. Apparently his doctor has told him to keep quiet or he risks damaging his voice more. However you can’t keep quiet and praise the lord at the same time, and he was earnestly thanking his god for making him ill (for no reason that made any sense to me).
I’ve mentioned before that I feel very guilty about this chap. His father died when he was a toddler; we met when we were five years old and he was so obviously latching on to any man he saw as a father figure. He idolised one of our primary school teachers, but the damage was done at Boys Brigade where he seemingly adopted the (very religious) leader as a surrogate father. I can hear our old Boys Brigade leader’s platitudes in what my old mate drivels on his podcasts.
Mind you his church seems to be quite successful; if it turns out that I am completely wrong and there is a god, I shall claim some of the credit for my old mate’s results.
With the weather forecast giving the weather getting worse as the day went on, and seeing a bright morning I took the dogs up to Kings Wood. As I drove the pundits on the radio were interviewing Nadine Dorres. Once Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, she resigned with a rather nasty letter telling the Prime Minster what she thought of him. Then (so it was claimed) she made things difficult for the government because she didn’t get a peerage, and has now written a book claiming that some secret cabal is actually running the country and that this group are responsible for the downfall of the last five Prime Ministers.
You’d think that if there really was some secret illuminati behind the scenes they’d stop her book being published, wouldn’t you?
We got to the woods; we had a good walk. At one point I found myself with four dogs; we acquired one. His mummy soon appeared and said that this little dog (a whippet about the size of Morgan) had recently captured a squirrel. I was impressed.
Our walk went very well… right up to the point where we were about a mile from the car when the heavens opened. I was wet through to my pants by the time we got back to the car.
Once home the dogs had hot showers to warm them up, and they were soon snoring whilst I carried on putting stuff back on to the bookcases, and putting it all in some semblance of order. Somehow I’ve lost some DVDs; Auf Wiedersehn Pet seasons three and four, Blake’s Seven seasons one and two have gone as has the second season of The Young Ones and two seasons of Game On., and some films seem to be missing too. I’ve found a load of Star Trek hardback books that I really don’t want. I wonder if anyone wants them?  And “Daddy’s Little Angel TM” says she don’t want her old Boyzone CDs if anyone wants them...
I loaded up all the packaging from the bookcases and some bags of rubbish and took them up to the tip. The tip was surprisingly quiet at half past mid-day. I wonder if that is always a quiet time?
No day off work is complete without ironing, and I ironed for two episodes of “Osmosis” in which it turns out that the mad scientist’s girlfriend did love him all along, she just didn’t like his invention and wanted to be his soul mate without a computer having to tell him. And there was consternation when one of the project’s beta-testers found out that his soul mate and perfect match was a bit of a slapper and was only happy when doing the dirty deed with anyone else and everyone else.
Our mad scientist was consequently having trouble getting people to financially back his computer-controlled device for finding true love. Strange, that. Mind you, “Osmosis” was originally made in French. I can’t help but feel that (like the last Netflix thing I watched – the Japanese “Alice in Borderland”) it lost an awful lot in translation.
“er indoors TM came home. Today was her day in the office and she came home loaded up with shopping. She boiled up pizza which we scoffed whilst watching more “Bake Off”.
I’m thinking about an early(ish) night; for a rostered day off I’ve not stopped. I feel all-in. I’ve finally done over six thousand steps today; the first time since going down with COVID… and when we were out earlier I got a blister which has now burst.

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