17 November 2023 (Friday) - Before the Late Shift

I slept well last night, but still woke at quarter past seven feeling vaguely miserable and “bleah”. It didn’t help that Treacle had barked at someone crashing next door’s metal gate. Several years ago (and several sets of neighbours ago) someone put metal railings round next door, and every time anyone goes through the gate it crashes loud enough to wake the dead. Or the dogs. I’m sure that passers-by bang the thing for fun.
To compound the issue there were some children standing outside shrieking too.
I got up, made toast, and had a look at the Internet. A new Lego set had been announced – a model of the Orient Express. A bargain at only two hundred and sixty quid. And an old friend (from over fifty years ago) was jetting off on another foreign holiday. He seems to have a lot of those, not that I’m being judgemental. There are several people on my Facebook list who seem to have an inordinate amount of foreign holidays, but I suppose that by the time I’ve spent out on three vet plans and dog food each month there’s a hundred quid (each month) I could put toward a holiday or squander on Lego.
And there were several of those annoying motivational memes being posted on-line. They sometimes boil my piss. It is very easy to say that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade when life has never given you a lemon.
I looked to see to whom I should send my birthday video today. When Facebook tells me someone’s having a birthday I send them a little “happy birthday” video. There were two people on my Facebook Friends list having birthdays today. Mind you I say “people”; one was a pub and the other was the blood transfusion simulator that gives me problems from time to time.
I didn’t send either the video…
With a little time on my hands I took the dogs to the woods. As we drove the pundits on the radio were talking about the sacked Home Secretary Suella Braverman who has announced that the Prime Minister’s plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda is dead in the water. Perhaps it is, but she was singing the praises of the plan a week ago.
It never fails to entertain me that every Cabinet member when sacked suddenly no longer feels constrained to pretend that someone else’s stupid idea (with which they had hitherto agreed unconditionally) is actually a stroke of genius and immediately slag it off. I’m reminded of myself when I was forcibly removed from a position of (admittedly minor) authority some twelve years ago and did exactly the same thing.
We got to the woods and had our walk. It was rather wet, muddy and slippery underfoot. Usually once we are away from the car park we walk for ages without seeing anyone. Today we met three “special” people.
The first had her dog on fifty yards of rope (rather than a lead). This dog saw the puppies, tried to play “chase” and made a rather impressive cats’ cradle of rope around the trees.
The next had a barking dog on a lead and was seemingly guarding one of the major crossroads in the woods. As we approached the crossroads she shouted asking us to keep away from her dog (which was on a lead and snarling at nothing that I could see). I whistled and my dogs came back. We backtracked a few dozen yards, but it became apparent that this woman wasn’t going anywhere. We stood and looked at each other from fifty yards away. Eventually I called to ask if she was just guarding the crossroads. She grumbled and wandered off.
And as we came back to the car park we met some chap with a dog the size of a cart horse on the lead over which he clearly had no control.
We walked a rather shorter walk than usual today, but I was surprised to see (from my smartwatch) that we walked half a mile further than we’d walked when going to the garage a couple of days ago.
With walk walked we came home for a bath. Treacle particularly needed a scrub; the other two just got generally grubby, but Treacle walks into muddy puddles then stops and looks at me as though showing off how clever she is. And with dogs scrubbed I set off to work via some points of interest (it's a Munzee thing). As I drove up the motorway I tried the cruise control. I mentioned to the nice people in the garage that there wasn't an indicator light to say the cruise control was active. there still isn't. Either they didn't replace the bulb or there isn't one. I wonder which it is.
I went to Sainsburys to get a sandwich for lunch. The car park was gridlocked when I arrived; half empty when I came out.
And apart from the cake that was waiting for my afternoon tea break the day was effectively all done by the time the late shift started...

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