19 November 2023 (Sunday) - Geocaching International Film Festival

This morning as I looked at Facebook I saw some friends had been to a bonfire parade just outside of Lewes last night. Friends I met through kite flying, and ones I’ve not met in person for far too long. This is why I love Facebook – I can keep in touch despite being a four hour round trip away. Mind you the flip side of Facebook is all the squabbling. Browsing through one petty argument I learned the term “TERF this morning – it means “trans-exclusionary radical feminist” and someone was accused of being one on a Facebook page ostensibly about Star Trek (of all things).
We got the dogs onto their leads and went out. Up to Boughton Monchelsea for the Geocaching International Film Festival. We’ve not done one of these before. The idea is that hunters of Tupperware across the world make small films about their geocaching adventures and these get shown across the world and the worldwide geocaching community vote to decide the best one. A couple of dozen hunters of Tupperware sat down at the Boughton Monchelsea scout hut and after we’d all said hello the films started. Sadly we left half way through as the dogs were getting fractious. Perhaps we might have left the dogs at home, but having been told that Treacle isn’t averse to barking when left alone, I’m loathe to leave them for any period of time.
It didn’t help that there was some strange child there who sat facing away from the films and staring at the dogs whilst scoffing bowls of popcorn…
On leaving the geo-film show, our plan was to drive down to Tenterden to walk a geocaching Adventure Lab, but a quick glance at the map showed we were driving straight past one in Headcorn. So we stopped off there and walked up the High Street doing a rather enjoyable little treasure hunt. We were taken to five places where we had to get the answer to a question. All answers were quickly found except at the fourth location where there was mention of a footpath sign. There were two; we had the wrong one and didn’t see the right one for a minute or so.
At each point we had to count the vowels in each answer, and with all five locations visited we then did a few sums and soon ended up with the co-ordinates of the final bonus geocache which was only a short walk away.
This made for a rather good little walk for the day.
We came home and I did my usual trick of watching episodes of “Four In A Bed” in which three rather overpriced places tried (and failed) to compete with somewhere charging a quarter of what they were asking.
I then had a stroke of genius (I have those, you know). I might put together an entry for next year’s Geocaching International Film Festival.
I’ve already started on the script…

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