16 November 2023 (Thursday) - Bit Tired

I rather struggled with the night shift; I wasn’t feeling at all on top form and so was very pleased to see the day shift arrive.
As I drove home I listened to the radio as I do. The new Home Secretary was being interviewed… I say “interviewed”; the poor chap was faced with endless statements about how crap the situation he has taken over, and immediately after making a statement the (so-called) interviewer then presented another one. After five minutes the Home Secretary asked why he’d been brought on to the radio. As he pointed out, the whole idea of an interview is that you ask someone a question, listen to what they say, and then ask further more probing questions based on what they said. And also, as he pointed out, a seemingly endless list of the failings of his predecessor could have been read out whilst he stayed at home.
I was rather glad the chap said this; those presenting the news so often give up golden opportunities when they would rather just listen to the sounds of their own voices.
I got home, and seeing it wasn’t raining I took the dogs out. Usually I go straight to bed but with more rain forecast for much of the rest of the day I thought we might get in a walk whilst we could. We just walked into Ashford and back again and apart from getting rather over-excited about a squirrel in the Memorial Gardens the walk passed off rather well. Far better than most local walks go. To be fair to the dogs, they really need more practice on the leads. Perhaps they’ve been spoiled by going to the woods so often?
We got home as the rain started. It soon became rather heavy. I’m getting a tad fed up with the seemingly constant rain we’ve had for the last few weeks. With walk walked I had a shower and went to bed. I woke after three hours, and as I got up so Morgan and Bailey got up too; they’d come to bed with me.
I saw loads of messages on my phone; apparently a few minutes after I’d left work there had been some incident on the road to work and luckily I’d missed some rather serious hold-ups.
I was pleased about that.
I then had a look through something I signed up to yesterday. Bearing in mind that I’m hoping to take semi-retirement soon I thought I might use the dogs as guinea pigs. Yesterday I signed up to a course with the Dog Training College as Facebook said it was free, and I had this idea that I could use the dogs as test subjects in this free on-line course. However I’d completely forgotten about the fifty-ninth Rule of Acquisition: “Free advice is seldom cheap”. The course wasn’t free at all. The information pack and introductory video was free. The course itself would set me back two thousand quid.
Sod that.
As usual after a night shift I spent much of the afternoon doing the ironing whilst watching episodes of “Four In A Bed” in which some chap who considered himself to be a “big businessman” was running far and away the shabbiest establishment; seemingly unable to even clean his rooms, and putting instant coffee into a cafetiere. But isn’t this typical of those who advocate “business” and “management”; all full of important-sounding words but rather short on actually delivering that which they should deliver.
Meanwhile “Daddy’s Little Angel TM” has seen a UFO whilst taking Pogo for a walk, and “Stormageddon – Bringer of Destruction TM is creating new life forms. I wonder if God realises he’s got competition?

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