3 November 2023 (Friday) - Reorganising Webspace

I woke in the middle of the night and went to the loo. As I headed back to bed so Treacle came down and walked to the back door. I let her out and waited for her. And waited. Bearing in mind she doesn’t play silly beggars I got a little worried and took a torch into a cold wet night only to find that she was playing silly beggars.
As we came in so Morgan was standing at the door. He went out and he too took an inordinately long time to do a very short tiddle. I watched him; he sniffed everything in the entire garden before deciding to pee up the compost bin not two feet from the back door. As he came in so Bailey was laying in wait for him and a play-fight kicked off before Bailey then did about a dozen circuits of the wet dark garden before doing her widdle.
By then I was wide awake so I made a bowl of cereals and started to watch the last episode of the current series of “Star Trek: Lower Decks”. But I could hear a lot of movement upstairs. And whimpering too. Treacle was on the bed and was very much “King of the Castle” and wouldn’t let the puppies up.
By then it was half past four. Dogs can be hard work sometimes.
For the first time that I can remember I slept through the noise that the bin men probably made. I woke about half past eight and looked out at glorious sunshine. Today would have been a lovely morning for the woods, but bearing in mind how quickly I wilted yesterday I just made toast and had my usual rummage on-line. Today’s petty bickering on Facebook was about the practicalities of the alien spaceships in the 1970s Gerry Anderson series UFO. Some people though the things were too small; others disagreed. Bitterly.
And some woman had replied to a comment I made about dog tracking technology some three weeks ago. I looked into the stuff some time ago when Morgan and Bailey went rogue, but it soon became apparent that the whole thing hinges on having an active internet connection – which I haven’t got in the woods we walk in. If I can’t post to Facebook or call up Google then I can’t track an errant dog on the tracking app. It was suggested that if the dogs went AWOL in the woods I might drive home and use the reliable internet at home to see where they were.
So…I found myself presented with the position that given that a dog has gone rogue, I could see where they were from five miles away and so the tracking technology had worked. And that I was wrong in saying that the app was of no use to me.
The fact the tracking technology couldn’t actually assist in retrieving a missing dog was neither here nor there…
With no emails worth having I thought I might sort my web space. I have several on-line projects which behind the scenes were a mess. The folders for all of them were randomly all jumbled together which made it very difficult for me to see what was going on. And now that the web hosting people have had a tidy-up I thought I might do the same.
I started off with the blog archive. Each month has its own folder. I moved all of them into one folder called “diary” and in the process lost all my memories of April 2009. Recovering those took a little doing.
My Advent Archive is OK… for just under a month.
My personal Atlas of Haematology was something I fiddle with and forget about; I need to fiddle with it more often.
My “Beginner’s Guide to Geocaching” has been on the back burner for far too long as has my “Beginner’s Guide to Wherigo”.
And then I found all sorts of things that I’d completely forgotten about
I found the Batcamp archive and brought it up to date.
I found something I created four years ago for World Book Day. I shall update that at some point.
I found photos of when I took scouts to Canada twenty years ago and added them to my blog archive. After all, they are all diaries..
I found the start of a little “Desert Island Discs” project that I started ages ago. I added in my current thoughts. I should come back to this from time to time. Mind you I’m quite pleased with the piccie I created for it.
I found the archive of Kent Geocaching events with which I’ve clearly done nothing for three years.
I found the start of a project I started (and forgot about) about my Lego maxifigures collection. I might come back to this, or I might delete it. I’m still undecided.
I found the old website about my snakes… the last of which I re-homed over twenty years ago. I shall keep this for posterity, but I do need to update some of its hyperlinks.
And there was a lot of work-related training stuff which I removed from my webspace.
Fiddling about with webspace and on-line projects kept me occupied for most of the day which was for the best. The rain of the last week had abated and I’d been tempted to go for a decent walk round the woods, but just taking the dogs round the block had left me in a sweat.
Eventually I ran out of easy stuff to do with the web space. I know I’ve written lists of top ten books before… I just don’t know what I’ve done with those lists. I expect they will come to light eventually. Similarly I know I’ve done my Desert Island Discs lists many times… but can only find four of them.
I had a shower, then strained my brain over some geo-puzzles. I think this one is about Sumo wrestling (though I suspect it isn’t), and I had a stroke of absolute genius about this one.. which would have been a brilliant stroke of absolute genius *if* you can have negative longitude (which you can’t).
“er indoors TM boiled up a rather good bit of dinner which we washed down with some plonk whilst catching up on this year’s season of “Bake Off”.
It was rather good…

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