18 November 2023 (Saturday) - Telly

Last night over a late bit of scoff I found myself watching the start of a film. “The Dirty Dozen” was something I once watched with a load of mates at the cinema in Hastings. It’s a good film, but I’d forgotten it played for three hours. I didn’t go to bed until one o clock.
I got up, made toast and had a look at the Internet to see if I’d missed anything overnight. I hadn’t really. Petty squabbles over trivia abounded, as they so often do. Today there were arguments amongst the anti-firework fraternity of Hastings; they’ve now got two rival Facebook groups (can you believe it?). And the often very opinionated and nasty people on the Facebook Garden Ponds group who only last week were advocating keeping pond surfaces as still as possible were today insisting that splashing fountains were a good thing.
The usual plan for a Saturday morning is dog club, but it wasn’t the warmest of mornings and the fine rain would have had Bailey soaked through within minutes. I drove over to the Repton estate to open up. Ralph and his human were there waiting. I exchanged a few pleasantries and left them to it. I was rather wet after a minute standing in the rain.
Once home I sat on the sofa with the dogs; Bailey was shivering without being cold and wet. We listened to Steve on the radio through the Alexa. In the past the Alexa hasn’t been able to tune in to Radio Ashford; this morning it managed with no problem. I got the mystery year pretty much right away. When was Blackadder 2 released? 1986.
With the rain showing no sign of letting up we took the dogs with us on today’s mini-adventure. To be honest we rather needed Bailey along as we wanted to get her a waterproof coat. We spent a little while in the pet section at Bybrook Barn trying on coat after coat. Those marked “small” were too big, and those marked “medium” were too small. Some were too long and not wide enough round the chest. Others would have gone round my chest but left half of her back uncovered. Eventually we got one that fitted.
From there we went down to Hythe where a friend was running a craft stall at a craft fair, but it had the same issue that every event we ran at the scout hut had. Being at the end of a cul-de-sac and being totally unadvertised the only people who were along were friends and friends-of-friends.
As we drove here and there the tyre pressure sensor on my car’s rear left tyre sounded the alarm, but the air pressure seemed fine when I got the pump out. I wonder what that was all about?
We came home, and with the rain still hossing down we spent the afternoon catching up on films we’d recorded onto the SkyPlus box. First of all we watched “Police Academy 4”, and then the most recent “Downton Abbey” film. Both were rather good.
We then watched three episodes of “Below Deck”; a reality TV series about life on a cruise yacht that gets chartered out. At a hundred thousand quid for hiring the yacht for three days you really have to wonder exactly who can afford that sort of thing.
“er indoors TM popped up the road to the kebab shop to get dinner, and we scoffed kebabs whilst watching a James Bond film. We’d recorded “Spectre” a while ago, and having recorded it we managed to shave forty minutes off the viewing time by fast-forwarding through the adverts.
Today wasn’t rally a bad day; we got out for a bit, we watched some good stuff on telly, and with the short winter day and the rain we couldn’t have done much else… but I do feel rather hacked off that we’ve wasted a day. Even though we haven’t.
I wonder why.

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