5 November 2023 (Sunday) - Flat-Pack Furniture

I was having a particularly vivid dream in which the nation was overrun by escaped prisoners and I’d volunteered to go to prison as the country was now facing a shortage of them when my phone beeped. At five past seven. Yesterday when I’d ordered the bookcases, Argos had said “We’ll ping you an email or text to say when we’re on our way”, and so they did. They said they would be with me within two hours. It was a shame that they couldn’t be more specific than that two-hour window. I suppose Amazon’s live tracking has set the bar rather high.
So I made toast and checked the Internet whilst I waited.
A good friend was posting videos of his house. Having spent years being moved from one temporary house to another he finally got his own place over the summer… which is now flooded out from last week’s rains.
Other people had posted piccies from firework events. Some went ahead in Sussex last night; the rain must have held off. And again the mention of fireworks set off the pro- and anti- firework brigades. Personally I quite like looking at the things, but do they have to make such loud explosions?
I saw  that I had loads of emails about having bought the bookcases, and ones telling me that they were on the way (!)… and suddenly I realised that an hour had passed and I’d done nothing but look at drivel on Facebook whilst waiting for these bookcases.
They arrived just before nine o’clock, and I spent half an hour getting progressively more and more angry with the things. Like all flat-packed furniture, rather than coming with instructions they had frankly incomprehensible diagrams (with not a single written word on them) which meant absolutely nothing to me. I was all set to book a slot at the tip and just throw the things away (and good riddance to them!) and go buy a pair of proper pre-built bookcases, but “er indoors TM wanted a go. So I left her to it and took the dogs for a walk. And made myself quite breathless in doing so.
After she’d been fighting with the bits for a couple of hours “er indoors TM came to the conclusion that both of the flat-packed bookcases were missing a vital piece. “er indoors TM arranged for the missing pieces to be sent on to us and decided to get as far as she could with the bookcases… but the missing bits wouldn’t arrive for a few days.
I wasn’t happy. My whole plan for today hinged on getting the bookcases up and in place and I seriously wanted to have a little bonfire in the garden to get rid of the things if only out of childish petulance.
An hour later she announced she’d found the missing bits. Oh, how I laughed.
As she cracked on with the bookcases so I cracked on with the project I started on Friday. I made a start at updating my list of favourite books (well, it’s bookcase-related). After a while there was some minor consternation when “er indoors TM announced she’d put the drawer runners on back to front. So I went up to help and put that hiccup right whist she cracked on with the building.
The plan for today was to have the bookcases built by mid-day and then spend the afternoon putting stuff onto them and generally getting tidy. We stopped working on the bookcases at eight o’clock this evening. They just need the adjustable shelves fitting; we’ll do that in the week.

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