10 November 2023 (Friday) - Before the Night Shift

I slept like a log and slept through till half past seven. Seeing a decent morning outside but with rain forecast later I got the dogs organised and we set off fort Kings Wood.
As we drove the pundits on the radio were talking about the Home Secretary who has written a letter to The Times in which she accuses the Metropolitan Police chief Sir Mark Rowley of anti-Israeli bias, and whilst she was at it accused him of bias involving Northern Ireland politics, football thuggery and anti-lockdown protesters. Is he biased? Is she just attention seeking (as has been alleged). Either way this need a formal and impartial investigation to find out which one of them needs sacking.
We got to the woods and had a far better walk that we did yesterday in that we didn’t get soaking wet. We did one of our standard walks (of three and a half miles) and found the woods rather busy. We met six other dog walkers; usually three is a lot. But all encounters passed off with out any episodes. Treacle kept herself to herself and the puppies said hello nicely and then walked on past.
We started our walk in glorious sunshine, but just as we came back to the car park so the sky clouded over, and there was heavy rain before we were half way home. We certainly timed today’s walk better than we did yesterday’s.
As we were half way home so I had a complete melt-down about missing my Fudge-dog. It’s now two and a half years since he went.
We got home and all dogs went into the bath. Morgan and Treacle had the mud washed from their pays and bellies. Bailey had a serious scrub; she’d been rolling in all sorts of stuff including fox poo and dead birds.
I made a cuppa for “er indoors TM and me, and then wrote up some CPD before going to bed for the afternoon.
I slept for four hours; finally waking when all the dogs came and jumped on me. A spot of dinner, then I’m off to the night shift.
Like all days before the night shift I spent much of today moping about having to go to work later. Days before the night shift are so often nothing but dull.

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