8 November 2023 (Wednesday) - Pink Cake, Jubblies

I had an early(ish) night last night, slept like a log and woke at four o'clock. Much as I wasn't pleased, that was better than I often manage . I dozed fitfully for a while before giving up, getting up and starting with the day. Yesterday I mentioned that I'd started watching "Osmosis" on Netflix; a series in which a mad scientist developed a computer-controlled chip thingy which people swallowed and it went to their brain, logged on to the Internet and found their perfect partner. Or that was the idea. In yesterday's episode our mad scientist tested it on himself and found his perfect partner. They set up home together, but by this morning she'd had enough of him, told him to get knotted and did a runner. That rather put the kibosh on his amazing scientific discovery, which was something of a shame for his company's shareholders, if not for him.
Meanwhile one of the other test subjects flopped her jubblies out. Whether or not this was because of the computer chip in her brain or a shallow attempt to boost the ratings wasn't made clear. But for all that I am a fan of the things (jubblies, not ratings) it's usually the case that getting the jubblies out is the last resort of a bad scriptwriter. Look at the jubblies in "Game of Thrones"; they came out and got put away in direct relationship to the show's ratings.
I got dressed as best I could in the dark. There was a minor hiccup when I lost a pair of socks. I got some more from the sock drawer; I expect Treacle has now eaten the pair I lost.
I drove round to B&Q. I suspect our new bookcases haven't got enough shelves, so I got the ingredients for an extra shelf for each of them. And with shopping shopped I voomed round town capping Points of Interest, weapons and evos (as one does in Munzee-World) before heading up the motorway to work.
As I drove the pundits on the radio were talking about the ongoing situation in Gaza. The Labour Party's Shadow Minister for New Deal has resigned because the Leader of the Labour Party won't call for a cease-fire in Gaza. It was claimed that Sir Kier sees himself as a Prime Minister in waiting and so consequently feels obliged to copy absolutely everything that the American President does. And if President Biden won't call for a cease-fire, than neither will Sir Kier. The point was made that it is incredibly doubtful if anyone in Gaza has ever heard of Sir Kier, let alone takes any notice of him, but why should that get in the way of political posturing or matters of principle (depending on your personal perspective).
And thousands of people are getting ready to march round London this Saturday) in solidarity with the Palestinians. Despite it being Remembrance Day, the police say they are legally powerless to stop the protests. Perhaps they are, perhaps it is just the latest of their feeble excuses. But again I doubt if anyone in Gaza will take any notice of a load of shouting in London...
The motorway was surprisingly busy this morning. Again the breakdown of one lorry caused gridlock. I found myself stuck behind a Romanian lorry  displaying a very large notice saying "We Don't Go To the UK" which it then repeated in French. All very good political posturing for driving round Europe, but something of an own goal when driving in Kent.
Work was work. There was cake. There was also an inordinate amount of time spent in Trap One; something had upset my innards and I spent much of the day wishing that my rectum could be rectified. Perhaps I'm intolerant of pink fairy cakes?
I came home through some rather nasty rain. “er indoors TM had already gone off out on her evening’s mission so I had a little scoff then cracked on with the bookcases. I sawed the two shelves to size; sadly only one of them got sawed to the correct size. I shall take the wreckage of the mis-sawn shelf to the tip tomorrow. I then moved the new bookcases and the old existing one about a few times until there was some space in the back room. Surprisingly that took nearly two hours. I shall put stuff on the shelves tomorrow. And see if I actually need that second extra shelf…


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