6 January 2022 (Thursday) - Adventure Lab, eBay Win

I managed a better night’s sleep last night. It would have been better had Treacle not fallen off of the bed and had a little tantrum at four o’clock, but you can’t have everything in this life.


Pausing only briefly to cut myself quite spectacularly whilst shaving I watched an episode of “Superstore” whilst taking antibiotics and steroids and scoffing toast. I then switched on my lap-top and had quite a pleasant surprise. Geo-HQ has given me a third Adventure Lab. The Brief Tour of Ashford that I made was a bit crap, but I was quite pleased with Church Micro Lenham. I wonder what I might do with this third one?

Facebook was relatively quiet this morning but there was some nastiness beginning to brew on one of the Hastings-related pages. There was an article featuring a newspaper cutting (from a few months ago) talking about how the town will be playing host to fifty Afghan refugees over the next couple of years. There was quite a bit of hate being vented… recognising some of the names of those venting the hate this wasn’t so much hatred of foreigners as hatred of anyone who might be seen as competition for their dole money. This observation had been made by others, and the professional dole-takers had taken great offence.


Having managed to park near the house last night I didn't have to go too far to find the car this morning. After a couple of minutes the ice was scraped away and I was on my way to work listening to all the drivel that the pundits on the radio were spouting. There was an interview with some leading light in the world of farming. Farmers aren't happy. It would seem that not one of them had the sense to realise that in voting to leave the EU they were all voting away the massive subsidies that the EU had been throwing at farmers for years, and now they were actually going to have to do something to warrant getting taxpayer's money if they don’t want to actually do any farming.

There was also talk about the James Webb telescope which has successfully been put into space and is on the way to the L2 Lagrange point. Usually the pundits on the radio are rather patronising about any space science, but in a novel break with tradition they wheeled on what I can only describe as a giggling idiot who could only answer any question with a very nervous snigger.

Why do they waste air-time on people like this? Don't they vet the interviewees first?


I arrived at work, and having narrowly avoided going arse over head down the icy car park stairs I got on with that which I couldn't avoid. As I worked so my phone beeped. I’d won an eBay auction. I got a job lot of Lego maxifigure bits. I only wanted the hands, but the rest might come in useful.

I had a busier day than I’d hoped for today, and was glad to come home. 

“er indoors TM” boiled up bangers and mash and we scoffed that whilst we watched the third episode of “The Larkins”. I can’t get over just how good Bradley Walsh is in that show when I think about how I ranted about his performances in Doctor Who over the last few years…

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