1 August 2022 (Monday) - Before the Late Shift

Treacle had a serious sulk this morning. A tad overdue, but we did the dogs’ flea treatments before brekkie and Treacle doesn’t like it at all. Morgan and Bailey came when called and had theirs done; Treacle ran away and hid.


I made toast and scoffed it as I peered into the Internet. “We” won last night… “we” being the England ladies football team. It would seem I was the only person not watching the match. I wish I understood the attraction of football. So many other people obviously love it. I don’t dislike it; I just find it utterly tedious. Whenever I’ve watched a match (and I’ve tried so many times) I lose interest after five minutes.

And there was a lot of sympathy being expressed over the death of Nichelle Nicholls (who played “Uhura” in “Star Trek”) who died over the weekend. For all that so many people who had never met her were seemingly distraught, very few people seemed to realise she’d been ill and was eighty-nine.

But both the death of Ms Nicholls and the football win were being touted for all sorts of political reasons this morning. 

I also saw that today was “Yorkshire Day”. On more than a few occasions I’ve been told (at great length) just how wonderful Yorkshire is by people who’ve moved out of the place. I’ve had the same from Scots too. If Kent is so awful, why live here?


With a little time to spare we drove down to the woods for a little walk. We did our usual circuit of the woods, but as we turned a corner so we saw a woman about fifty yards ahead of us. On her own with no dog. Morgan woofed at her and she turned, saw us, and then stomped through chest height brambles and hid behind a tree until we’d gone past. What was that all about?

As we walked we practiced whistle training with varying degrees of success.


With walk walked I loaded up the car with rubbish, and had a look at the pond filter. The overflow guttering seemed to be doing the job; in a day or so I will take out the foam until I can get another box in place and running.

I then sat on the sofa with sleeping dogs watching “Another Life” until it was time to set off.


Leaving the dogs snoring I set off to the tip. It was as entertaining as ever; as I'd emptied the last of my rubbish and was going back to my car some strange woman shouted "don't just stand there" at me and gave me a glare as I drove off.

I then drove down to Rolvenden and World of Water to get another filter box just like the one I got yesterday. They didn't have any, but the nice man said he'd get one in for me. I got chatting with the nice man and told him my theory about having two smaller filters rather than one huge one.  He agreed entirely, but I suppose he would. I got the extra tubing I will need, and the nice man suggested I might have a Y-junction rather than a T-junction as this avoids back pressure.  Not wanting any back pressure I readily agreed. The nice man said he would ring me when the new filter box arrives, and I drove off with a Y-junction and six metres of tubing. That only cost forty quid...


I took a rather scenic route on to Pembury. As I waited at the traffic lights in Hawkhurst there was an entertaining five minutes. Rather than queuing by the pelican crossing, a swarm of normal people were standing ten yards to the right of it. Having been blocking the drive to a hotel, they were then having quite a squabble with the driver of a car who wanted to go in there.

They were getting rather nasty with each other...


I stopped off at Tesco (for a sandwich) where the woman on the tip remarked on how old my Tesco Clubcard is. Apparently I'm the only person with one that old; it is a museum piece. She *always* goes on about how old the card is. I once asked if she could replace it with a new one... and ended up wishing I hadn’t. I just smiled today (like I usually do).

And then into work. And again the best bit of the day was all over by one o'clock.

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