16 December 2019 (Monday) - This n That

I woke feeling full of energy and raring to go, only to find it was ten past two. I *hate* it when that happens. And is usually the case when that happens, I felt like death warmed up when it was actually time to get up.
Over brekkie I watched another episode of “Flowers” which featured an appearance of Fat Matilda. Whether Fat Matilda will become a part of the ensemble, or just be a one-off remains to be seen.
I then sparked up my lap-top to see what I’d missed overnight. There had been quite a few “likes” on the pictures I’d posted on Facebook yesterday. One or two other people had been out taking photos of their live yesterday as well. Being a nosey person I quite like seeing what others have been up to.
I did chuckle when I looked at some of the work-related Facebook pages I follow. Supposedly intended to be for post-graduate lever discussions, they are more and more becoming filled with very basic yes/no questions poorly translated from all manner of languages with the occasional bit of religious rubbish thrown in. This morning I found adverts for “belly fat burning juice” and rather pathetic religious-based vitriol directed at anyone using contraception who wasn’t married on pages supposedly about the practicalities of blood tests. Do these pages not have admins?
I had a couple of dozen emails: none worth having. I opened the advent calendar, wondered what on Earth I could say about it today, got dressed and hobbled up the road to my car.

With the election now becoming "so last week" it was good to have the pundits on the radio talking about something other than the election. There was quite a bit of talk about vaccinations; apparently the  demand for flu jabs this year was so much that suppliers can't keep up with demand.
There was then an interview with Andy McDonald; the Labour party's Shadow Secretary of State for Transport. He was wheeled on to supposedly talk about how the Labour party are going to replace Jeremy Corbyn as their leader. Beaning in mind that the Labour party have for years been determined to make themselves unelectable I was intrigued to hear what he had in mind. Also bearing in mind how badly Jeremy Corbyn did in the mind of the public, I was wondering if they might have been considering having Frank "Oooh Betty" Spencer or Zippy (from "Rainbow") in charge. However the fellow being interviewed was far more interested in ranting about BBC bias. Last week I mentioned that the Prime Minister  is threatening the BBC with scrapping the licence fee (because he feels they have been anti-Conservative recently); today the Labour party also feel the BBC have got the knives out for them as well.

I stopped off at Tesco to get some ibuprofen for my gammy leg. As I was picking it up a passing assistant told me that I could only have two packets. I thanked her for her advice, and she then asked if I would like to buy either of the other two brands of ibuprofen that they were selling. Exactly the same stuff but double and quadruple the price of the cheapo generic stuff I was getting. Branded medicines amaze me - it's the same stuff but costs *far* more. People really do think they are getting something extra from a fancy packet and having paid more.

I drove on to work. As I got out of my car I regretted not having brought my walking stick along. I hobbled in to work anyway. I did wonder about phoning in sick today, but I've had quite a bit of time off work on the sick leave recently, and the doctor did say to keep the leg moving.

I came home to find that "er indoors TM" had collected my parcel… Result !!

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