27 December 2020 (Sunday) - Floods


I slept for eight hours lat night – not as much as the night before, but still something of a result. I woke to the forecast torrential rain which put Sid off of going out to “do things”. Once my back were turned he “did things” on the lino. Ho hum…

With the rain having put the kibosh on pretty much anything outside today I set the washing machine loose on some shirts, then thought about brekkie. I made some toast and scoffed it whilst watching the third episode of “Alien Worlds” in which we visited the fictional planet of “Eden” which was orbiting a binary star.

I then sparked up the lap-top to peer into the Internet. There wasn’t much going on today compared to some argumentative days. There were some ungrateful people selling off unwanted Christmas pressies… but I suppose if you’ve been given something you don’t want why not try and make something out of it?

I sent out birthday wishes and seeing that the washing machine had stopped I ironed five shirts whilst watching an old episode of “Hornblower” – is that show *really* twenty years old?


Three hours after I’d first got up "er indoors TM" surfaced along with the dogs. Whilst they did their morning farting about I drove round to Matalan as I’d had an email telling me my trousers were ready to be collected.

I arrived to an empty car park and was about to go home when I saw lights on inside the place. As I walked to the door a woman came out and shrieked about it being “click and collect only”. She didn’t actually say “f… off fatso” but that was clearly her intent. She wasn’t impressed when I gave her my click and collect number, and she grudgingly went and got my parcel. As she handed it to me so a delivery driver rolled up. She glared at him and went and got a colleague, and the two of them told the delivery driver they weren’t accepting deliveries. They were giving deliveries out (to the likes of me) but not taking them in. I couldn’t help but wonder where my parcel had come from… but “not my circus, not my monkeys”. I left them arguing.


I came home, gathered a rather epic crop of dog turds from the back garden and then my phone beeped. The Met Office had cancelled their Yellow Alert of wind and rain and had issued a Yellow Alert of snow and ice instead. Seeing no wind, rain, snow or ice at that moment we thought we might get a quick dog walk in before the weather did turn.

We went round the park only to find floods everywhere – not so much a park as a swamp. But the dogs enjoyed spuddling in the water.


We came home, had cake and I fell asleep in front of the telly whilst “A Shark’s Tale” played. Once I’d woken I built some of the Lego I’d got for Christmas, then watched a few episodes of “Four in a Bed” in which the proprietor of the crappiest little B&B found fault with establishments streets ahead of his own (as always happens on this show).


I think an evening on the beer is in order… the plan for today was to have friends round for dinner… Once this Tier 4 malarkey is over we will do…


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