20 February 2016 (Saturday) - Geo-Meet

I slept like a log last night. hardly surprising bearing in mind what a busy day I'd had. On reflection yesterday was one of those wonderful days. It started off not looking all that special; a bit of gardening after a night shift, but ended up being great fun.

I got up to frustration this morning. There were three geo-puzzles I really wanted to solve before going out. I neeed to look up one or two facts, but (again) the Internet was slow to the point of being unusable. I took forty minutes to do what realistically I could have done in five minutes.
The sooner the fibre-optic thing goes live the better.
With the Internet finally hobbling along I had a little look on Facebook. A chap of my acquiantance had posted a little picture comparing the relative wages of train drivers and doctors; the gist of his posting being a rather good socialist rant that train drivers get an *incredibly* good deal by their being able to go on strike and stand up for themselves. Whereas hospital doctors get shafted by *not* going on strike. What particularly boiled my piss is the fact that this chap is actually a staunch and vocal Conservative supporter. Why on Earth do people vote for a certain political party (of any persuasion) when they clearly believe in the philosphy of another.
Have I ever mentioned that I don't beleive in democracy?

"er indoors TM" popped the lead on to "Furry Face TM" and we went out to Staplehurst for the monthly geo-meet. We met many old friends, and made several new ones. The ale was good, the food was also scoff-worthy. We did debate about leaving "Furry Face TM" at home; it was a shame he decided to disgrace himself by trying to pick a fight with a rather large Alsatian.
After a few hours we said our goodbyes and drove home; stopping off in Headcorn to try for (and find) the recently published Wherigo.

Being unable to find anywhere to park near home we drove round to see "Daddies Little Angel TM" and drop off Charlie's Christmas pressies. Better late than never! "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM" was looking rather sorry for himself; yesterday he'd managed to tip his buggy onto himself and he'd cut his cheek and given himself a black eye. Silly boy !

We had a rather good bit of scoff for tea, and we cracked open a bottle of plonk. Wine is odd stuff; that which is expensive and comes highly recommended is often disappointing. That which is cheap is often far better. Tonight's bottle which we'd been saving was something of a let-down. But with that guzzled I had a bottle of stout which made up for the disappointment.

I quite like a bottle of stout...

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