17 February 2016 (Wednesday) - Before the Night Shift

I woke in some pain this morning. My elbow plays up from time to time; I think I might have strained it hoiking a chair about at the tip yesterday. This morning it was *very* painful.
I had a quick look-see on-line over brekkie. A new Wherigo had gone live near Headcorn. I thought about chasing the First to Find but on reading the description I thought I might leave it until I had a little more time. Other than that, not a lot of note had happened overnight really.

"Furry Face TM" was rather excited as I put his lead on him. We had a little drive out to Great Chart. Regular readers of this drivel may recall I put out a series of geocaches round there for the New Year's Day geo-event I ran. Two of those caches would seem to have had issues recently. From the reports I received one had simply gone walkabout, and one had been buried.
Me and my dog had a rather good walk through a bright but cold morning. The walk was muddy, but not as muddy as it had been when I first put those geocaches out. Perhaps the mud's having frozen in the meantime had something to do with that. As we walked we saw the farmer muck-spreading. Or attempting to muckspread. His trailer was stuck in a quagmire of mud and cow poo. We smiled politely and didn't get involved.
Sure enough both caches reported missing had gone. I replaced one with a simularly sized cache; the other one I replaced with a smaller trickier hide. Some of my caches stay put for years without any problems. One of today's is on its third replacement in two months. Some caches are like that.

We weren't out for that long; probably about forty minutes. But it was long enough for my dog to get plastered in mud. So once home he had a bath.
In many ways a dog is like a toddler. Once they've had their bath they snuggle down and go to sleep. As my dog snored I put my own mud-encrusted trousers in to wash and I did the geo-admin to tell the world what I'd done. And then the boiler made a noise. It shouldn't have. And then I noticed the radiators were on. At 10.30am.
I then spent a few minutes re-programming the central heating timer. Rather than showing 10.30am on a Wednesday it was showing the time as 10.30pm on Monday. So the thing had been on when we aren't home, and I *thought* I'd been pressing the button for an extra hour's heat when I shouldn't have been doing so. Perhaps the next bill might be a bit cheaper now?

I had a couple of cold hot cross buns for lunch. I scoffed them whilst watching the new "Alan Partridge" show. It is available as a download on the SkyPlus box. A lot of people can't stand the character; I quite like him.
I then took myself off to bed for the afternoon and slept reasonable well (despite nightmares of the apocalypse); finally waking tangled in the CPAP hose.

I had a spot of tea, now I'm off to the night shift. I usually quite like the night work. I'm not feeling it today...
And my elbow still hurts.

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