1 August 2010 (Sunday) - Feeling Fragile

I woke feeling somewhat fragile today, but thought I’d better get up as my brother would soon be up and about, having stayed over last night. I staggered about a bit, took one look at the carnage in the garden, and turned round to go back to bed. But the aftermath in the garden wasn’t going to tidy itself away, and as I pootled about I found all sorts of stuff which gave me hints about what I’d missed during last night. Cake! From the amount of washing up it would seem we fed cake to an army. I don’t remember cake. A bottle of Imperial stout had been opened. That would explain the headache. And port – there was an empty bottle of port. I don’t remember that. Mind you, the empty bottle of port is probably why I don’t remember anything. We quietly tidied away, and then had a bite of brekky. And began to worry about my brother who still hadn’t emerged from his pit. Then the phone rang – it was my brother – he’d slipped out quietly whilst we were asleep four hours previously and he was home.

Whilst tidying away, the folding gazebo broke. I wasn’t impressed as we’ve only ever used the thing three times. I went into Halfords to have a whinge, and the nice lady said to take it back tomorrow. I shall do just that.

‘er indoors TM set off to flog candles to an unsuspecting public. So being at a bit of a loose end, I went fishing. For a change I used two rods – one for my standard tiddler bashing, and the other one with a large bait left out for a while to see if I couldn’t catch a biggun. It transpired that I couldn’t. But I spent a pleasant three hours at the pond, even if I did get rained on. The weather went from glorious sunshine to torrential rain back to glorious sunshine within half an hour.

But all too soon it got painful sitting still, and so I came home where I fell asleep in front of the telly for a bit, and then we watched a DVD. I must be the last person on the planet to have seen the movie “Avatar”. It started good, and continued in the same vein, And continued, and continued. Oh the thing went on. At two and a half hours long, in my humble opinion it fell into the trap of padding out a rather bog-standard plot with far too many special effects…