7 October 2009 (Wednesday) - Copper

My Boy TM ” is on lates this week, so I was hoping not to be woken too early today. He came home “quietly” at 3am this morning. I don’t know why I mention this – I’m sure my loyal readers in America and Canada heard him. I eventually got back to sleep only to be woken by the world’s worst backache at 6am. Some nights I am destined not to sleep.

Being on a late start myself, I had some time to spare his morning, so I prepared a crossword to send in to the chokey. “A wind breakage that sounds like one is about to be run over by Laurel and Hardy (5,1,4)” Any ideas?

And then to Tesco – the elastic had gone in my pants, so new undercrackers were the order of the day. Tesco’s didn’t do XL pants, so I went round to Matalan. Eventually I scared up some pants, and I got some other kit whilst I was at it. Including a new belt, as the old one is rather worn. But I had to hunt to find stuff in my size. Even allowing for the shrinkage of my girth due to the recent excesses of salad lunches, no one really seems to cater for the more rotund gentleman. Most trousers seem to stop at waist size 38. Surely I’m not the only porker who wears trousers?

And then I was nearly late into work. There was a fascinating article on the radio about the resurgence in the scrap metal market. Whilst they took great pains to explain how illegal it is to destroy money, the program claimed that the copper in a 2p coin is actually worth 3p. So were you able to take your 2p coins to the scrap yard, you’d get £1.50 for every quid you took there. Apparently the police have been investigating scrap metal merchants who’ve been doing this. I’m left wondering about how one can melt down copper….

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  1. You should shop over here. You would be so skinny. Pants go up to waist 50+.