30 October 2009 (Friday) - Astro Club

I put the fennel & nettle tea in the dustbin today. It was foul. I went to Tesco and replaced it with camomile, honey and vanilla tea. Which is awful, but not quite as bad as fennel & nettle tea.

The last Friday of the month, so off to Astronomy club. I made a point of getting there early to help with the (do the) setting up. What with my shift pattern at the moment (last minute and random) I can’t commit to being available every time, but when I can, I do what I can for the club.

Having set up, there’s always an aura of expectancy. I put out chairs for an audience of fifty, and stood looking at an empty hall. Would anyone turn up? In the end, I wound up putting out more seats. We had a huge turn out. Following on from the publicity surrounding last weekend’s AstroBash we had over fifty people along tonight for a tour of the autumn sky. Just as well Stellarium can project the autumn sky, as the real sky was completely clouded over.

And then home to Folkestone with Stevey and coffee with Trudy. Only the second time we’ve actually met, but through reading her blog, I feel I know her far better than I should on a second meeting. Which is a good thing.

And then home for an early night. Or that was the plan….


  1. Matey, I think these fancy teas are a bit useless, they all taste the same, no matter what flavors they have on the box. the box reads "mint with a subtle hint of juniper" but it taste like cat sick straind through a well used sock! stick to PG, you can't go wrong! :o)

  2. I wouldn't mind but both times we have met I have been in my jammies, hopefully next time I will be dressed and not wearing my Gromit slippers...... lol