6 October 2009 (Tuesday) - Stuff

Last night I got my new clothes horse out and put it through its paces. To be honest, I was expecting a lot more sarcasm about the thing than I have had (so far). It might look rather lame, but seeing as it’s not possible to actually get to the radiators to dry clothes over the winter, needs must.

To Tesco for more green tea. This time I’m trying “lemon & lime with a hint of orange”. It’s rather grim, but better than the apple flavoured muck I had last week. And it sorts out the oxidants too. Not that I’m aware of ever having had problems with an oxidant. I’m also told it’s good for my knee which, for all this diet lark, still creaks like a rusty hinge.

An early start at work,meant for an early finish, and round to see Andy and Heather. A bit of a chat, and we discussed the mystery of the disappearing spoons. Mentioning no names, it seems odd that now his mother’s no longer with us, certain people seem very knowledgeable about spoons. And then we settled down to Michael McIntyre. I’d not heard of him before – he was really funny. Must look out for him again…


  1. Didn't think he knew one end of a spoon from the other. I would imagine he has made a few disappear in his time though.....must be magic.

  2. I can't stand these flavoured teas, give me proper tea everytime. Having said that we do also drink a lot of red bush tea which is rich in antioxidents and naturally caffiene free and to my mind is a nice proper cup of tea. One thing I have discovered is that it doesn't stew like normal tea, during the kite festival season we make up two flasks a big one with the tea less the milk and a little one with just milk. The tea remains a drinkable at 7pm as it was at 7am when it was made.