16 October 2009 (Friday) - Another Day,

I woke this morning feeling absolutely grim. I ache as though I have been doing hard physical labour all yesterday. I wonder what that’s all about? A late start gave me time to muck about in NeverWinter for a bit. I’m not entirely sure that the game hasn’t corrupted in some way – the last few mods I’ve played have crashed. Either dodgy modules, or the PC is acting up. We shall see. And then I got together some more clues for the next crossword to go to the chokey. “That which Captain Kirk declares when dealing with more than just Klingons (5,5)” And I still found time to put the finishing touches to the presentation on Mars I’m doing at next week’s AstroBash.

To the Renault dealer – the battery on my car key has been getting a tad flat lately. You know it’s a bit iffy when you take the battery out of the key and rub it to make it work. And I’ve been doing that all week. It’s funny how it slips your mind when you are able to do something about it, and you only remember when in a darkened car park.

And then to Tesco for some supplies for the weekend. Let’s hope I end up needing them – or being able to use them. Work was somewhat problematical today, but on the plus side, “Daddies Little Angel TM ” has her new overalls, and is putting them to good use…

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