12 October 2009 (Monday) - Quality Telly

Have you heard the news – I am *so* excited. Arguably the best thing ever to happen to the entire concept of television will hit our screens next year – “Upstairs Downstairs – The Next Generation”. Set in 1936, it will feature Jean Marsh as Rose, who will be back in Eaton Place. The rumours are that once more Royalty will visit number 165. A quick squzz in Wikipedia showed that apart from Mr Hudson, Mrs Bridges and “is lawdship”, most of the original cast are (surprisingly) still alive, and some may be making cameo appearances. I wonder if the fact that Gordon Jackson has been dead for twenty years will be enough to prevent them from wheeling on Mr Udson?

Meanwhile it’s possible I might be forced to have an injection. Every year I’m offered a flu jab, and every year I turn it down. Why? – Because over the years it’s been my experience that those who don’t have the jab don’t get flu anyway. And those who have the jab usually are ill with the reaction that they have to the jab. This year it would seem the jab has had a record low take-up, and Whitehall mandarins are concerned that if staff don’t get jabbed they will pass the flu onto already sick patients. Presumably these bureaucrats have never heard of the concept of “disease carriers”.

And in closing, it’s been brought to my attention that the “vile lies” in my blog are causing offence and upset. If anyone could shed light on what these “vile lies” are, please let me know. I shall be hiding in NeverWinter…


  1. Have the ducks been writing to you complaining that you said their poo is whiffy?
    Must be that I think. Who else would spread rumours about your truthfulness.

  2. Well the vile lies are well hidden...but then again I am insane so I probably don't notice them!!!