26 October 2009 (Monday) - Bit Dull, Really

It’s been brought to my attention that with a minimal bit of effort, I could be in the Guinness Book of Records. This weekend there is an attempt to stage the world’s biggest performance of the Time Warp. The current record was performed in Melbourne a while back, and the organisers are trying to get 1500 people along. It could be fun, - after all, it’s “just a jump to the left”. I wonder how many of my loyal readers I might drag along. Judging by the lack of response to the email I’ve sent out (one reply – can’t make it), my hopes aren’t that high. We shall see.

I saw the Rocky Horror show at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury some years ago. I’d like to see it again, but the closest it’s coming (in this year’s run) is Brighton and Bromley. Which is typical of most of the travelling stage shows these days. None of them ever come anywhere near Badger-Land.

And so to Tesco for salad. And more green tea – I’ve run out. I’m now onto the nettle & fennel because of its alleged “cleansing powers”. The stuff smells of liquorice and tastes how I imagine dog poo would taste. But I suppose it’s still anti-oxidant. And all the time I’ve been drinking the stuff I have never been harassed by an oxidant, so it must be doing some good.

And them to work for a meeting.  I volunteered for something. Next week is National Pathology Week and we have the use of a “retail marketing unit” in the town centre. On (or in) this we will mount a display about pathology. I’ve volunteered to lurk around the “retail marketing unit” and talk to the normal people, mainly because I know a good skive when I see one. The only problem is there’s just the slightest bit of uncertainty as to what a “retail marketing unit” is. I’m hoping it’s a shop, but I suspect we’re talking a market –type barrow. We shall see. If any of my loyal readers are around Ashford town centre next weekend, feel free to bring a pint over to the “retail marketing unit”….


  1. If I were over there I would come and do The Time Warp with you. It is the only good thing to come out of The Rocky Horror Picture Show....in my humble opinion.
    But, my opinion was formed after many "gaming nights" during which almost the whole show was quoted over and over again. Hence ....I now hate it. I am pretty nifty at The Time Warp though.

  2. I can't do the timewrap this weekend as I am on call. When do I need to delver your takeaway beer