7 July 2024 (Sunday) - Cheeky Pint

I slept reasonably well. I put washing in to scrub, made toast and had a look at the Internet to see what I’d missed overnight. Not much, really. One thing caught my eye; people were acting surprised at the revelation that the price of petrol isn’t constant, and that there are savings to be made by going to a different petrol station. Was this really news to so many people?
I sent out two birthday wishes, then went into the garden. Lawn to mow, fish pond filters to clean. It was raining so I gathered dog dung and came back inside and had a go at yet more geo-puzzles.
Eventually the rain held of long enough so I could have a look in the garden. I got the fish pond filters cleaned out, and pulled weeds and generally tidied up. After an hour I had something of a backache so gave up and came back inside. I did a little CPD (must write it up!) and even more geo-puzzles.
And then we got the dogs onto the leads, and with “Daddy’s Little Angel TM” and “Darcie Waa Waa TM off for a cheeky Subway we drove round to the New Chimneys where we met Heather and Andy and spent a rather pleasant hour sitting in the garden putting the world to rights. It was rather good to catch up; there are so many friends I see so rarely these days.
I was glad we got out and met friends today; just lately other than hiding from rain, so little has been going on in my life…

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