1 July 2024 (Monday) - Another Dull Day

There was a little more sensation in my upper lip this morning, but only a little. I made toast and had a look at the Internet. Some of the work-related Facebook groups I follow were being spammed by the religious crackpots. I thought about arguing with them, but there’s no point.
Several of the candidates for the upcoming election were posting photos from yesterday’s armed forces event in Viccie Park, and pretty much every candidate posing had someone being rather nasty about them.
As this election campaign wears on I find myself wondering why anyone would stand for office.
It turns out there was a food and drink festival in town yesterday… I missed all mention of that. More and more these days I find out about events after they happened.
With vague plans for future projects I disassembled my Lego town in the attic room; “Darcie Waa Waa TM had destroyed much of it anyway. And then, as seems to be the way at the moment, I then spent the morning fast asleep. “er indoors TM boiled up a cheese and pickle bagel, then I drove “Daddy’s Little Angel TM” about on her errands, then had a minor pootle in the garden. But only a minor one.
And then I had a message from “My Boy TM” who met Matt Lucas today. Apparently he is a sterling chap. That’s good to hear; So often I’m hearing bad reports about various celebrities on Facebook pages set up for celebrities.
We took the dogs for a little wander round the block. As I walked I was rather nosey about people’s front gardens; I want to do something with our front garden, but I’m not quite sure what. I’ve got some ideas now.
According to my watch we walked for just over a mile and I came home dripping sweat.
And yet again I’ve had a rather dull day. Should I be taking so long to get over an operation?
I’m getting rather fed up with dull days.

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