6 July 2024 (Saturday) - Still Raining

The noise of the rain woke me in the night, but it had stopped by the time I got out of my pit, which was something of a result. I scoffed toast and had a look at the Internet as I do most mornings. It was surprisingly not full of political talk. With such a low turn-out perhaps people just don’t care any more? I must admit the electoral system isn’t right, is it? Look at the results. The Labour party have got two thirds of the seats in the House of Commons with only one third of the total vote. The Liberal Democrats have got seventy-one seats, but with half a million more votes Reform UK have only got five.
And an ex-girlfriend of a friend was getting loads of stick on Facebook. Having buried her husband (who died after a long illness) only three weeks ago she has now announced she’s in a relationship with someone seemingly old enough to be her father and everyone was lambasting her. I’ve not met her in person for some time, but her Facebook feed can be entertaining.
Being Saturday we set off to Dog Club. There was quite a good turn-out, and the dogs all seemed to have a great time. Morgan got told off by a bigger dog, which was probably for the best. I forgot to take any dog treats, but Eric’s mum brought along a box of gravy bones as Eric doesn’t like them. All the other dogs did.
As we drove to Dog Club I totally failed on Steve’s guess the lyrics competition on the radio, but I got the mystery year on the way home. When was the first run of Doctor Who cancelled? 1989.
We got home, hung out the washing and had a cuppa. Then the rain started so I got the washing in, hung it round the house and cracked on solving geo-puzzles whilst watching the weather go from overcast to glorious sunshine, and the rain going from none to torrential seemingly regardless of the colour of the sky.
I was reminded of a dozen or so kite festivals in Brighton which always took place in early July when the weather would be just the same; beautiful and hossing down in repeated succession.
As I geo-puzzled we carried on listening to Steve on the radio… and after a while we stopped. Steve’s show was rather good, but he finished at mid-day. The chap who took over was playing some rather depressing music. “er indoors TM told Alexa to play Disney songs instead.
Eventually we decided enough was enough and went for a drive if only to get some petrol. We came home via Pets at Home as we were short of dog food. “er indoors TM went in to the shop to get dog food, and I stood outside waiting whilst the dogs cried and screamed because they had been deserted.
After two minutes “er indoors TM came out with dog food, put it down because it was heavy, and Morgan piddled all over it.
We came home… through the rain and I spent the rest of the day geo-puzzling. Rather a waste of a Saturday, but Dog Club was fun.

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